Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Men's underpants as an endangered species

Up late, massive wind storm blew open my bedroom shutters (the window was open) and dropped the indoor temp from 82 to 61. Brrr. Put the quilt on the bed. Spook was huddled in the corner of the bedroom near the head of the bed. **

Slept in, then showered and went back to bed to read. 4pm Skype with J was moved to 1 pm, so I did not get out of the house till about 2:30. Destination - the Las Vegas South outlet stores. My GPS said just drive West on Tropicana till you hit the Strip, turn left and it's a couple of miles on the left.

It is HUGE. Unlike the California outlet stores, it's designed more like a mall, all indoors, with a few non-outlet stores like Buffalo Wild Wings & Dunkin Donuts across the street.

If I go again I'll bring a cane or maybe a walker. They have removed all the indoor seating except in the food courts. It is a long walk from front to ack, and there are many side "promenades".

My main goal was to score some comfortable underpants.

The first store I saw was Calvin Klein, and they had lots of comfortable men's underpants, but their biggest size was XL, and the size chart said, if they made it (which they don't) I'd be a 4XL. Same story across the hall at Tommy Hilfiger. Deeper and deeper into the building, most of the men's stores were closed. Jockey was closed and the sign on the door said they were only closing March 26-27. That sign has not been touched since then.

Finally found the Hanes store, which was 90% women's underwear. Way in the back corner they had a rack of men's things, and I nabbed a couple of boxes of 2XL which said they were my size. Both boxer briefs, which is what I was looking for, I think. We'll see tomorrow morning.

Did not stop off on the way home, I still have one banana and that's all I really needed. Found a phone holder for the car online which ought to work.

Only one storm chaser active and he was in the wrong place.

Protests continue to be streamed, more peaceful ones except in places like Seattle and San Jose where their idiot mayors want to be General Patton. LA drew 50,000 people.  DC was also massive.  Las Vegans are too busy in the casinos.

My drive took me to the Strip, but all I saw was MGM Grand, NYNY and Luxor. And the great golden beast that is Mandalay Bay. I really need to drive up the whole strip sometime soon, after I get the phone mount and can stream it.

Took in the garbage bins. Ho hum.

BASFA Zoom meeting was short, and my rumor won again.

** weather data:
6/7/2020 11:5681S14G29 
6/7/2020 12:5683SSW13G22 
6/7/2020 13:5682SW16G30 
6/7/2020 14:5684SW23G35 
6/7/2020 15:5684SW17G31 
6/7/2020 16:5683SW18G29 
6/7/2020 17:5682WSW21G30 
6/7/2020 18:5680SW18G28 
6/7/2020 19:5676SW17G31 
6/7/2020 20:5673SW12G20 
6/7/2020 21:5673SSW9 
6/7/2020 22:5672NNW15G22 
6/7/2020 23:5668NNW26G33 
6/8/2020 0:5666N33G44 
6/8/2020 1:5665NNW21G30 
6/8/2020 2:5664NNW21G29 
6/8/2020 3:5663NNW22G32 
6/8/2020 4:5661NNW21G36 
6/8/2020 5:5660NNW21G38 
6/8/2020 6:5661NNW25G36 
6/8/2020 7:5663NNW21G25 
6/8/2020 8:5664NW20G26 
6/8/2020 9:5667NNW26G37 
6/8/2020 10:5667N12G28 
6/8/2020 11:4470N16G24 

MPH G=gusts

The Russian Yeti "documentary" was pure crap, Blair Witch quality, no evidence found, lots of scared of shadows crew and "investigators"
TMZ was good
NFL Live managed to not tick me off, but there was a lot of FF due to dead horse beatings.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try on the undies
Toss the white briefs
Have a normal morning. Banana, egg.
Below Deck Med
Hopefully Andy Cohen with the 90-day fiance reunion.
Maybe call Allstate

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