Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Underpants FAIL, some storm chasing, another late breakfast

Once again I woke up with a start when the alarm came on, made a pit stop, weighed myself (gained 2 lbs), went back to sleep till almost noon. Showered and dressed.

Wore one of the 5-pack of boxer briefs. They have a fly. It's higher up than the standard briefs, but my stuff still finds its way inside. Not as painful, but not as comfortable as expected.

Watched TMZ. 

Followed the main storm chaser. he almost found a tornado. Almost. The penguin was on for a while driving somewhere after his first day of truck driver classes. He said he felt stupid in there. Probably a lot of the students are seasoned professionals just looking to qualify for a company job instead of being owner-operators. Or something. 

Below Deck Med,  the chief stew has never had brilliant social skills with her staff, and she's picking on the non-English-speaking one. Italian? And in turn is getting a lot of attitude back. She wants to fire her, but Capt. Sandy wants her to work it out. But she is not even trying. Instead, chief stew writes down a wor schedule, Italian girl follows t, but Chief tells her to do something else for no reason, spur of the moment.

Very smug, chief stew is.

Streamed for an hour, VegasDogLife chimed ink, very happy to see her online. she has not been on for almost 2 weeks. She said she was having issues trying to stream, and still hasn't caught a fish.

Breakfast was lunch, snacked on leftover rice which had a tiny bit of curry in it.

Ran the dishwasher and later put everything away. I need to start putting things back under the sink, now that they have dried out. Dishwasher pods and that blue whetting agent are first.

Found some no-fly undies online to order.

Plans for tomorrow:

Albertson's for bananas & milk & frozen meals.
Maybe order some food from Thaifoodkitchen henderson

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