Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lots of food

Up with the alarm, Spook was curled up on the bathroom floor in the corner between the toilet and the shower.  I think she was freaked out by the bedroom window being open. She had started the night as shower cat, but curled up under the faucet instead of the other side.

Switched to the second set of undies from Hanes, much better fit. The fly is higher and on the other side, so I'm not getting caught in it. Soft material, very comfortable.

Checked email & FB & twitch, then off to Albertson's for bananas & milk. Also stocked up on frozen meals, Swedish meatballs and all kinds of fried chicken. Got a can of Progresso clam chowder, which became lunch when I got home. Stumbled around a bit, left all the things on the floor. Hgl was low, BP was way low. Self-medicated with an ice cream sandwich and the clam chowder. The clams were kind of rubbery but they were too small to be a bother. I have plenty of "cream of" soups, should just buy some chopped clams to add to them.

Watched the second part of the 90 Day Fiance reunion. The moderator needs to find the mute button for Lisa. And Ed. David couldn't get Lana to join, no surprise there. He buys all her excuses, and refuses to believe she makes money from the pay by the minute "dating" site. Ash lies. Avery isn't deceived but she wants him for his body. He wants her for the green card.

Spent lots of time on Twitch - today they applied a long-announced code change, it broke several sites, including mine. There were storm chasers out all day, and my favorite amateur political analyst was showing the Floyd hearings. The Republicans are obscene.

Despite having more than enough food in the freezer, I ordered a bunch of Thai food. I stumbled across my favorite Thia place - they had not been delivering until now, Grub Hub lists them. I saw that just in time to order three meals' worth which arrived just before I started streaming.

Had a few chatters, then sat down to watch TMZ and the first half of the Vanderpump Rules reunion. So many pretty women I couldn't always tell them apart.

Beef satay was great, though the peanut sauce needs more curry and the cucumber and red onion side dish needs vinegar and red onions. I don't have any vinegar in the house.

Pork Rad Naa was superb, the noodles were perfect and came in their own container. The rad naa could have used some corn starch, but the veggies were authentic. The taste brought back memories.

Mango and sticky rice was a little different:

Very pretty, but the mango slices were too small. I'm used to a whole mango sliced into maybe 8 pieces.

Thai iced tea was okay, but a little thin.

I still have rad na left over, another satay, pot siew and two more mangos.

Delivered were two more kinds of undies, and the phone holder for the car.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try out streaming from the phone in the car
Pick up an amazon package from the PO box
Change the litterbox
Deep 6 the tightie whities

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