Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Way strange timeline today

Went to bed around half past midnight.Spook was being Shower Cat. My sciatica was zapping me no matter what position I was in and the roar of the bedroom fan did not help. Finally around 3 I put on slippers and made some chocolate milk, powered up the PC. Read some news sites, but there wasn't much there. Turned off the PC and turned on Tivo, watched Andy Cohen trot out a couple of Black Lives Matter leaders and ask all the White questions, and get pushed back on with the right answers. Or something similar to the right answers.

Programmed Tivo to record PTI. It turns out ESPN has decided not to give them a separate program listing anymore, they are now the part of SportsCenterLive which takes up an awkward half hour, and had to be manually recorded.**

Back to bed after 4.

Woke up a couple of times, 7:30 I got up, took a leak, weighed myself and went back to sleep till about 11. Two deliveries while I slept - undies and a dashiki. 

Chased some rabbits on the tablet, did not get out of bed & showered  & medicated till 2:30. Looked for but did not find the RPCV 3 pm zoom meeting. It showed up late in the evening, after it was over.

Tried one of the new undies. It was more like a jock strap, and after half an hour it proved to be too small, kept slipping off my butt. Switched to the second pair (of three) of Hanes boxer briefs which worked so well yesterday.

There is a growing pile of undies on the bedroom floor which will join the ones in the dryer headed for the garbage.

No storms chased today. One chaser un-followed due to racist remarks.

**Watched PTI. Much about NASCAR banning the Confederate flag. They ran late, so my manual recording quit before they were done. I adjusted those settings.

Late lunch/early dinner was the leftover rad naa.

104° most of the day.

Streamed for an hour, nobody chatted. Figured out how to stream to Facebook Live from OBS, but there's a huge lag and it isn't pretty. The webcam I bought is a black market Chinese edition, not completely supported by US operating systems. I hate to spend the $$ but I may get a legit replacement and put this one in the eBay pile.

9-ish, drove to the mailboxes for a package. It was jammed into the small box. There were two people out walking their dogs,  and someone looking like he was looking for a way to get over the fence and into the pool. There was no one in or around the pool. Word is it's open 24/7. I really need to use it.

Plans for tomorrow:
If it cools down a bit, install the phone holder in the car and take it for a test drive
Try to make my sleep cycle more stable
Maybe go for a swim
Have some of that delicious Thai food


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