Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

PO, Walmart, streaming, then boredom finally set in

After breakfast I hooked up the phone to the car mount - which worked like a champ - and streamed my drive to the PO to drop off my voter registration form and then a trip to Walmart. Got Breathe-right strips (which were locked in a cabinet - had to wait 5 minutes for someone to show up with a key), two bottles of mock pina colada mix - they were out of all the other flavors I like - they were also out of Right Guard spray. Got a bag of small red onions (easier to mandolin than the big ones) shrimp egg rolls and chocolate fudge ice cream.

Maybe half the customers were unmasked. I don't really care.

Home, put stuff away, sliced up two red onions and made a small salad and nuked some Swedish meatballs for lunch. Strawberries in whipped cream for dessert.

Watched some TMZ, and a live bout between two not very talented women MMA fighters till terminal boredom threatened. Somewhere in there I flipped up the foot rest and Spook jumped on board to get brushed. If I reach out both hands to her she runs away, but she lets me pet her by hand.

Tried on another pair of briefs, turns out all the ones I bought online from three different vendors are from a Chinese company called Mofiz. The ones I got were all 2XL, and fit great in front but slide off my butt after an hour or so, even sitting still. The packages say they make 3XL and the waist size they list should fit me. Online, though, it is clear they are out of business and several "trading companies" in China, Hong Kong and Los Angeles are gray marketing their leftovers. And they did not leave over any 3XLs. Bummer.

Searched a bit and found another Chinese brand, Jinshi, which appears to also be a gray market brand, but they have my size in the big man's collection. I ordered two sets, they are due to arrive a few days apart. We'll see. Meanwhile I may need to do a very small laundry run tonight. Or pretend the Mofiz are really thongs. I was surprised to see susandennis has been following this adventure.

Watched a streamer in DC covering the festival (aka protests) on Black Lives Matter Blvd. Asian guy, he managed to get several young women to twerk with him. There were a couple of guys yelling incoherently, he thought they might be on something but they looked more like those insane, loud preachers you see at the cable car turnaround. Crazy, but mostly harmless. No police in sight, so it stayed peaceful. Meanwhile it seems the Las Vegas police went bananas over a protest down by Mandalay Bay. The Las Vegas Review reporter on the scene added to the panic.

Streamed for 2 hours, lots of chatting (Chile, Brazil and UK). Apparently Santiago is just now in quarantine. 

No dinner, but I did steam the sticky rice and finish the last of the mango dessert. I'd been noshing on ritz crackers and Famous Amos.

Got bored and went into the guest room, shelved all the books which were on the floor. Most of them were computer books and publications I had articles in. And my Boy Scout handbook. There is still a mess of stuff on the floor, but it's old photos and several folders of negatives from Israel and maybe Thailand.  Most of that will find space on the rack instead of the book case, I think.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try streaming from the car again. Check to see if Ethel M is open yet. Airport Target may have syrups and Rot Guard.
More work in the guest room. Rack the DVDs and cassettes
Evening - bring stuff out to the curb. The old broken 8mm projector, moving boxes, broken kitchen cart.

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