Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Steamin Streamin

Lots of driving, and attempted streaming from the car. Bottom line is the Pixel phone overheats and shuts down after about 4 minutes in the charger/holder. I need to try it without the power adapter plugged in. Hand-held at Ethel M worked fine.

It is probably the combination of how hot it is under the windshield and how hot the charger makes it. And I may need a different streaming device.

First stop was Target. No SodaStream exchanges or cartridges. Very few syrups, I only bought a pair of piña colada mixes. Unripe bananas FTW, rot guard cans x 2. No diabetic supplies at all, no sharps container mailers.

On to Ethel M, for dark chocolate $40 box and dark chocolate cherry liqueur $25 box. Which is half eaten already.

Hillshire Farms pastrami & Ritz crackers for lunch. Horrible pastrami. Way too much salt & pepper.

Stormview guy found some impressive storms late in his afternoon. Rock collector guy was at his cabin, fishing by the reservoir but not catching anything while I was watching.

Lots of disturbing police foo in Las Vegas. Protesters and reporters attacked while on the sidewalk following orders. Pepper spray and armored personnel carriers deployed.  Nasty stuff.

And somewhere in SoCal a state trooper arrested a fireman for parking his fire truck where it was needed. Idiocy abounds.

Watched a 3-hour 90 Day Fiancé episode. Two more to go. This time it's the whole story from Day 1 to Day 90.
The Zoo was so exciting I fell asleep while they went anal about feeding the penguins.

Streamed for an hour, some new chatters and a couple of returnees.

Spook now has the look down pat for when she wants me to deploy the foot rest.

Took out all the garbage, including the litterbox cartridge,And all those failed underpants.  And all the recycled. Then gathered up a small pile of things for the big trash haul. Empty boxes, broken 8mm projector, unreadable weather stations, the broken kitchen cart. Spook was a nuisance wanting to lay in front of the screen door while I was going in and out.

Delivered - SodaStream cartridges x 2. Good, because I was down to my last one.

Dinner was green curry beef on rice, chocolate ice cream. Lots of rice & curry left for another day.

The car is plugged in. It was down to about 40%

Plans for tomorrow:
Try more streaming from the car.
Do some research on IRL streamng
Bring my Nikon and find the Whitney Mesa park I passed on my way to Ethel M.


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