Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Woke up with the alarm, took a leak, weighed myself (I gained a pound) then went back to bed. Woke up at 10:30. I had not reloaded my weekly meds boxes so that took about 15 minutes.

Late breakfast, but not late enough for it to be lunch. Nibbled on misc things for lunch.

Turned on Tivo, watched NFL Live, but the two 90 Day Fiance episodes from yesterday were blank. Cox cable had gone out. Luckily there were reruns today to record.

Watched some streamers, then the front door bell rang. Table delivered.

Set up the table in the office space, grabbed the three sets of plastic drawers from the floor of the guest room, put them on the table. There is still a bunch of stuff on the floor. Most of it belongs in a closet. Or Goodwill. Or the ancestral photo rack. Maybe I'll sort that tomorrow.

Brought in the garbage bins & unplugged the car.

Another email from Tellus, resulted in a woman with a hispanic accent calling, asking me q's to qualify me for a job screening content on TikTok. It looked like right up my alley. So she sent me an online test. It was a typing and grammar test. The results said I got a couple of the grammar questions wrong, but their answers were wrong. She said I needed to take the test again, I replied that I was not applying for a typing job, I was applying for a visual content analysis job so no thanks.

Lots of time on FB. Too much stuff from a couple of friends who want to echo every news story they see. Southern white people feeling guilty for all their unwashed neighbors.

Part 3 of the 2-part 90 Days reunion got recorded and watched. David just digs himself in deeper. If he's as rich as he claims to be, Lala should marry him, and insist he shares his checking account. Ed called out Rose, she lied. She's ugly when she lies. Ed owns up to his defects. Tom is psycho. Ash is too. Erica is fun and needs to find a lover in Berkeley.

Also delivered was one set of 3 pairs of the new Chinese undies. The waistband is a bit tight but they fit well otherwise and would be good to swim in. Pretty comfortable.

And the other two Dashiki shirts arrived. Hung them in the closet.

Dinner was salad and a frozen chicken with mashed meal. Chocolate ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call for a nails appointment
Clean up the guest room

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