Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Phishing for Phones, streaming, Albertson's, some guest room progress

The Russian whose email was on the Paypal order for the $99 phone replied with a phony USPS tracking number - it was from one of my deliveries from the beginning of the month which said the package was in my mailbox. I went to check, and no it wasn't, but since I just ordered the phone yesterday it could not have been. I wonder how they hacked my USPS tracking number. Then she sent an illiterate email message apologizing for the delay, blaming the virus.

I'm pretty sure I got phished, the site looked like legit Samsung, but the URL turned out to be some flaky address. Paypal will fix it but I have to give the scammer a chance to deliver a phone.

Meanwhile I spent a lot of time looking for a legit Samsung Galaxy S9+ Verizon model. Most of the phones on Amazon are GSM, Verizon uses CDMA. And most of the phones on eBay which have good prices also have cracks. The sellers still claim they are fully functional, but I'm sure they won't be for long.

Finally chased enough links to find one at a used phone exchange. They offered to buy my old Pixel 3XL - for $239. eBay says - oh wait - that's actually a good price. Hmm.

Drove to Albertson's, streamed the ride. Only bought what I needed. And ice cream sandwiches.

Tried to stream the ride back , past home and to the duck creek parking lot, but the phone overheated. From there to the wetland preserve, phone was still too hot.

Watched the new 90 Day Fiancé - The Other Way. At first I thought it was a gay version, but turns out to be the American is going to live in the foreign country. Korea, India, Jordan, Ethiopia I forget the others.  Mostly women, one gay man. All but one of the women either have a baby or are pregnant or both.

Below Deck Med has serious continuity and editing problems. The Italian stewardess took her attitude off the boat. So far she has not been replaced. Chief stew is still a jerk. Chef is still weird. Female boson still doesn't know how to command.
Capt. Sandy and boson Malia were on Andy Cohen.

NFL Live was all shouting about black lives. PTI spent a lot of time on golf.

Streamed for an hour, had a dozen chatters all asking questions.It went quickly.

Tried to call for a nail appointment but their phone was not working. Last time I made it through Yelp.

Took some time in the guest room to gather up most of the negatives and photos and put them in a bookcase or two. More to be done. Rescued the sewing machine pedal, that will go into the shed to join its machine. There are a bunch of chargers to gather up and relocate. And I made a pile of several towels and a couple of pairs of cutoffs. I need to bring the bowling ball and the folding cat carrier to the shed.

There's the box my laptop came in, and boxes for a lens and the Amazon Fire and a GoPro. All expendable, recyclable.

Hauled out the Pixel 3 and reset it to factory, and grabbed its box from the bookcase.

Once I have the floor cleared I can populate the video rack.

Plans for tomorrow:
finish the guest room cleanup & rack the DVDs
Start work on the stack of boxes in the hall. One of them goes into the guest closet - it has a ton of parental snapshots. One is DVDs.
List some items on eBay (?)

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