Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Second Wednesday

All day yesterday I thought it was Wednesday.

It didn't matter. I had nothing planned for Tuesday.

Today I spent a lot of time bending over and picking things off the guest room floor. Quite a variety of old snapshots, loose negatives and the envelopes they should have been in, and negatives in holders -one was labeled Eiffel Tower. I have a negative scanner, I should use it. But one project at a time.

I started putting VHS cassettes on the rack, but it was too wobbly. Screws were stripped and so were the holes. Ordered a better rack from Amazon.

Found my electronic photo display, engineered two picture frame hooks on the wall to hold it. I wonder if the remote on the floor is for that - there are no controls on the front or sides, only on the back.

Two NFL Live episodes, one was a rerun. Lots of jabbering about how CK needs to be on a team, but nobody is saying which team. I think the Redskins, Buffalo and Denver could use him. And the NY Giants. Note to pundits: It is useless to say he should be on a team without saying which team.

Vanderpump Rules reunion final episode was a lot of people shouting over each other, and not much accomplished. Jax is still insane and his wife is still an enabler in denial.  Andy needs to use the mute button much more.

Spook jumped onto the foot rest for brushing.

Pasta shell, turkey frank slices and cheese for lunch. Strawberries, grapes & cream dessert. Manly man chicken for dinner. Ethel M dark chocolate cherry liqueurs for dessert.  

Nothing delivered.

Three recruiter calls with jobs 1,000+ miles away. After the second one another call came in and it took me too long to realize if wasn't a recruiter. It was a follow up call from the web page I ordered the 2nd phone from. I guess they get a lot of hackers. He just needed my address and the make & model & carrier and confirmation I had intended to buy it. Felt like a fool for a few minutes there.

Chatted with Middle Sister.

Tried to make a nails appointment but no openings today, so late tomorrow.

Which meant I stayed inside and spent bits of time cleaning up the guest room. I may finish tomorrow. Found a couple of pieces of jade which fell out of their boxes, and a telegram announcing older sister's baby. The box my HP 5-year-pin was there too, minus the pin. I think I used it as a tie tack. 

Email surprise - my house title was sent electronically. They stopped using paper last January.

Plans for tomorrow:
Finish the guest room floor cleanup
Nails appointment
Continue flirting on Thai web site


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