Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

How could I forget my banana?

So I got delayed getting showered and medicated because of some issues with SiriusXM on my speakers. Channel 291, which I have been playing all week, didn't work by voice command. But it did in the app - once I figured out that the icon for the app on my phone and tablet was the old one, and I needed to kill it and replace it with the new icon.

Boring day online, read all the news. I am happy the Supes have been protecting us from the arrogance of a President who thinks he can veto a law by decree. But I don't agree with the Dreamers Act. It ought to be called the Retroactive Loophole Act.

Watched some Tivo. Andy had Cory Booker on with a Housewives star who has become a Black Lives Matter star.  Booker says Biden should pick Michelle Obama to be his VP.

Vera Lynn died. 103. 

Finally remembered there was a banana and egg on a plate next to the PC around lunch time.

Spent a lot of time on my hands and knees picking stuff up off the guest room floor and putting it on shelves or in a big black garbage bag. Just before leaving for my nails appointment I put the robot vac in there, started it up and shut the door.

Timed it well, only 5 minutes early to the nails place. Instead of the sweet young thing they gave me the middle aged mom. She is not a regular and had to ask a few times where things were stored. She did okay, but was slow. I chose cobalt blue color, with a little bit of sparkle because I couldn't find the swatch without sparkles. It's subtle, though.

One of the sets of undies I ordered said Fedex had delivered them, but they lied. On my way home I checked my mailbox just in case - nada.

My new diuretic plus a half a pill of my old one has become a messy combination, so I spent the rest of the day naked from the waist down, and did a load of laundry. :-(

Delivered was the second magnifying glass. It's a good one. No idea what happened to the first.

Robovac got confused by the closed door and claimed the dock wasn't plugged in. I had it make two more passes in the guest room, it still missed a couple of scraps. But that floor looks great.

Put the second DVD box in there next to the first one. Apparently the rack will arrive in a week.

Two more boxes in the hall to go through. And one to port into a sturdier box. And make sure the movers didn't sneak something else in besides the parental snapshot collection.

Watched NFL Live. Lots of talk about CK, but not a word from him or his agent. Piss poor reporting.

One storm chaser was in Salina KS, watching clouds pretend to form tornadoes and then dissipate. He got rained on heavily but that's all. Vegas Penguin was driving home from his trucker class. He's been allowed to practice some in 18-wheelers all week. I think he's back in LV this weekend, or else his mom & girlfriend are meeting him in AZ.

One of my Thai streamers was on the Death Train over the river Kwai. Beautiful scenery. I wanted to ride that train last time I was there but got there too late.

Many "kisses" and a few short messages from Thai Flirt. One worth a follow up. Still getting way more non-Thai responses.

They approved my photos, but didn't flip the switch on the web site.

Remember my exploding whale? They have made the site into a park.

Dinner was a salad followed by a Hungry Man turkey dinner. The carrots were very good. Broke open a thing of chocolate ice cream, added honey and walnuts and whipped cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe put on pants. Maybe not
Streamer phone not due till Monday. :-(

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