Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not a lot done

Today was a planned stay home and vegetate day. Out of bed by 10, breakfast before lunch. Lunch was a pair of sourdough bread slices soaked in best of the egg, with a few slices of cheese on top, nuked 3x for30 seconds. Yummy.

Put the foot rest up, dozed off, woke up to a big THUMP as Spook jumped up on the foot rest to get brushed. She has this thing down pat now.

Watched some NFL Live, PTI and deleted some 90 Day repeats and Andy Cohen because his guests were meh. Yesterday he had Jimmy Buffet on.

No deliveries.

Went through the final two unexamined boxes. One is mostly trash from my last job. The other is my post cards and birthday cards, and mailing gear - they will go into some of the set of 4 3-drawer 8.5x11 containers I ordered from Walmart. I think my mailing stuff will move from the top of the roll-top desk to there (on the office table).

Watched a streamer around 11 pm follow a march around Capitol Hill in Seattle. Very few blacks in the crowd.

Spent a lot of time converting my Streamlabs setups to StreamElements. And getting it running on my phone as well.

Dinner was Marie C Swedish meatballs.

Fireworks heard in the distance. Went outside, couldn't see them but smelled them.

Plans for tomorrow:
I have no idea. Probably drive somewhere.

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