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Later, the next Day

Placeholder. the photos of the wrong mesa are here.**

Catching up on Saturday.

The plan was to go to the Whitney Mesa viewpoint. It was not on my car's GPS so I just typed in "mesa" and picked the first "Mesa Park" on the list.

Got on the road, and GPS said 15 miles to the first turn. Definitely not the same mesa park. But what the heck, I have never driven 15 miles on Tropicana Ave, it's only about 6 or 7 miles to the strip. Almost any other day I would have driven up the strip, but there have been a lot of protests blocking that road, and the ambulance kind of discouraged me.

So on to that left turn. The further I went, the more flaky my mileage indicator got. In theory a 30 mile round tip was well within the amount of charge I had left, but similar to the freeway experience, it started showing a signiicant drain. It would tell me 40 miles left, but when I stopped for a light t went back up to 70.

Eventually got to the park, it was definitely the wrong mesa, but very impressive size and the park is huge. If it had not been 102° I would have checked out the skateboard part.

**The mesa itself is huge, but dark brown and not very photogenic. And to add to the bad news is there are a lot of tacky housing projects messing up the view at the foot of the mesa.

Drove straight home instead of detouring to the right mesa, because the battery indicator was still droppng like a rock.

Home, the battery was at 19%. Should have been 55% or so,

Watched a 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way teaser.   When I first saw the title I thought it was a LGBTQXYZ### version, but it turns out just to be instead of the American bringing home a foreigner, it's an American moving overseas for a partner. Most of the women are pregnant, the rest are old fat blondes. Two are still married as is at least one of the foreigners. There is one scene where three sisters are in the pool in their back yard, all breast feeding their infants.

NFL Live continues to be immersed in Black Lives Matter. And virus scares. And the NFL's ridiculous social distancing rules.

I watched a lot of two streamers. One was in DC around Lafeyette Square, which is near the White House, and a statue of Andrew Jackson had been vandalized - there is now a chain link fence around it. It was raining, and there were no marches going on, but the streamer interviewed anyone who agreed to be on camera. When it got too dark for DC I switched to another streamer, in Seattle, on Capitol Hill, where protesters have claimed a few blocks around the East Police precinct buiding, after chasng the cops away. Seattle apparently has given up its military response to peaceful protests. About 100 people walked from there to the central precinct, where they chanted and gave speeches, and invited anyone inside to come out, but no one did. The 911 call center is in there, it wouldn't have been so difficult for someone to come out and say hello.

Part of the frustration with the Seattle police is their silence. Sillent militia. It's not the way to respond to complaints. Declaring curfews is for facists.

At about 10 my body said to get horizontal, so I did.

It was very hot, I got up around 11 to fill some SodaStream bottles, and sip some iced drinks. And my phone reminded me to plug in the car, so I di.

Back to bed. Shower Cat kept an eye on me.

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