Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Excrement occurs -- Forgot it was garbage day

Plugged the car in at 11 pm, went to bed, but it was too hot to sleep. Padded into the kitchen for a sip of something on ice. Back to bed. Shower cat kept an eye on me.

Morning, the usual,  but on time, no gagging on lollies.  After meds & breakfast put on tevas, grabbed the camera and bottle of ice, unplugged the car and got in intending on going to the right mesa this time. Powered on the car and got a big bright warning.

Hi OK, punched in the mesa in the Nav section, and drove out to the front gate. That's about 8 blocks at 10-12 mph. Out the gate and onto Tropicana Ave, pushed the accelerator like I was going to speed up to 45 mph, but it wouldn't go more than 25. Power reduced. Made a U turn and went home.

Online, chatted with local Nissan servic, they are closed today, will contact me tomorrow. The car is not safe to drive on the 45mph roads to the dealership, will need to have it towed. Will work with them when they call. I should be able to get a rental while they work on it. Long awaited doctor appointment Tuesday I do not want to miss or postpone.

Stayed home, watched streamers. Some storms in KS, protest in Seattle. 90 Day Fiancé and The Zoo on Tivo. Put together the keyboard stand and set up the electronic piano in the guest room. Need a taller chair.

Streamed for an hour, two chatters stayed for about 5 minutes each. Both from Brazil.

For lunch something from the freezer. Dinner was the 2nd Sonic baconburger and onion rings. Worst breading ever.

Took out the bins, then opened the car and emptied everything from the back, and hauled t to the shed. The motion controlled lights came on quickly and bright.  Emptied all the garbage from back and front seats. Whew.

Plans for tomorrow:
Deal with the crippled car.
The rest will follow 

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