Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Plan A achieved.

It was not the Plan A I expected a week ago, but after breakfast I called Nissan, they reminded me that I had roadside assistance built into my lease, gave me the 800 number. I called and they arranged for a tow truck to be at my place by noon. He kind of snuck in - no call from the gate, my front doorbell rang as I was going out the back door to get my mask from the car.

The text from roadside assistance said I may need to make other arrangements to get myself there, but the truck driver gave me a lift.

At Nissan, they were out of rental cars so they gave me a voucher and called Enterprise to send a shuttle. Shuttle took about 20 minutes to arrive, another 10 minutes in line to check in, then half an hour for a car to be ready. It is a Nissan Kicks, which is a Leaf with a gas engine. Basic model, though. Not much acceleration -- the Leaf has spoiled me. No GPS so I used Google Maps on my phone to talk me home.

Rewind to last night. Another hot one, got up several times to pee, returned to soaked pillow cases. Made one exodus to the kitchen for some iced soda water.

Up before 7:30, just in case Nissan called. No call - Message center FAIL.

No storm chasers on Twitch. PopsRockz was on a boat instead of on shore fishing. The guy he was fishing with caught a very large trout.

90 Day Fiancé snippets on Tivo

Spook stared at me till I put up the foot rest, then she jumped up on it to be brushed & petted.

Home, lunch was something small and frozen.

Dinner salad and Manly Man BBQ meal. And two mint chip ice cream sandwiches.

Too late to got to Walmart to pick up the prescriptions, too hot also.

Streamed for half an hour, then BASFA Zoom meeting

Delivered before the tow truck arrived:
Samsung phone
Case of 4 three-drawer storage units for the office
A crushed box from Amazon containing press-on hooks

It took more than an hour to fill in the doctor's office check-in info online. I forgot to mention the skin cancer.
Watched even more 90 Day. Sexy liberated woman going to Jordan for a guy who wears the same Kaffiya pattern as Yasar Arafat. And she brings booze in her carry-on.
Pregnant girl and her nurse mom going to Ethiopia to have the baby. I have first hand info that Ethiopia uses midwives in homes, not doctors in hospitals.
The B90 special was a hoot. Yolanda finally internalized the fact that "The Williams" was fake.
Big Ed owns up to his flaws, Rose has become a vindictive bitch.
Avery is still stunning, Ash is still a lying cheating bastard.
No Lisa (yay!) but also no Usman (boo)
I love Darcy's wedding dress. Can't stand the rest of her.

Plans for tomorrow:
As early as possible, Walmart for Rx and bananas and masks
Leave for doctor appointment by 11:30
The rest of the day/week depends on word from Nissan

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