Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too busy for breakfast

Morning started with shower cat not wanting to let me use the facilities. She knows to leave when reach for the faucet.

Up around 9, Hgl meter didnt' work. Changed battery and that helped but still does not detect a test strip. Got a coupon for a free one but it needs a prescription.

Walmart, picked up insulin ($135) and Pradaxa ($500+).  Ouch. Bought a box of masks.
Groc - bananas, fruit, milk, chocolate, OJ, etc.

Home, already 100°+. Put stuff away. Walmart cashier, looks like a high school student, used a bag for practically every item. Made for awkward car unloading.

Tuned into a Zoom meeting on RPCVs applying for Vista-type positions. Boring, all I needed was the URL.

Not much happening online. No breakfast. Forgot I had bananas.

Called my Rx company, they said I had a $5k deductible. **

11:30 off to the doctor, broke out a new mask for the occasion. Temperature taken at the front door (97.8 despite it being 112 outside)

5 minutes in line to check in, about another 10 to be called in.

Nurse did all the new patient things. Doctor came in around noon - cool, appointment was for 12:30. I like him. Seems competent. He said first thing they want to do is some basic lab tests, so back out to reception with lab test paperwork, and signed in. Lab person came out right away, did the blood draw and sent me to the restroom to pee in a cup. Doc said they would send all my prescriptions over to Walmart.

Front desk person said that was it for me for today so, bye!

Home: this moment of Zen:

**Posted my drug prices on FB, one of my theater friends said there should have only been about $75 co-pay for the meds, and gave me the number of a medicare broker who set him up. I think it's someone i've been in a show with. Will call tomorrow.

Not much online tonight, I streamed for an hour and had a good chat with three people, one from the storm chaser group.

On Tivo - two episodes of TMZ, unfortunately PTI was pre-empted for a soccer match. Below Deck Med was mass confusion with the crew, but Roy Orbison's son and grandson were the guests and they were pretty fun. Roy Jr's wife is DDG. It rained a lot so no bikini views.

Andy Cohen had the two stewardesses on, I had not realized how sexy the 2nd one is, and chief stew is preggers and blimped out.

There's a 90--day left on the Tivo but it's probably a rerun.

Been very thirsty, drank most of the OJ, often mixed with soda water (poor man's mimosa).

Snacks for lunch. Finished the last of the Ethel M.

Dinner salad and Manly chicken meal.

Delivered with a loud bang on the back door: the media rack. turns out it was not assembled as pictured, but came in 87 pieces. This will take a while.

Delivered in a way too well sealed box was a jar of cat treats.

Ordered a plush tiger. Plush cat is wearing out, and too small.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to drive to the nearby mesa, take pictures
Slight chance car will be fixed
Skype with J
Call the medicare broker

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