Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another non day

I did not get over the hump today. Up with the alarm, took a leak, weighed myself and went back to bed to chase rabbits on the tablet and also find a less repetitive Sirius channel for the Sonos speakers.

Up at 10, breakfast, read all the news sites, facebooked, twittered. Called the theater friend who does Medicare stuff, and she was delightful. Turns out I have been onstage with her daughter in law a few times, and have seen her ushering at three theaters. She lived in Seattle before moving to the Bay Area and now is in Wenatchee, which I'm familiar with having worked up the road in Omak.

The bad news is I am paying too much for all my Medicare things and I am stuck with it till open enrollment in the Fall. Those changes don't kick in till January. I texted her my info and we'll talk again when the time comes.

Skyped with J for 90 minutes.

Everything on Tivo was a rerun or pre-empted. :-(
Except TMZ.
In the background I'm listening to Real Bigfoot, an incredibly stupid show where a dozen or so camo dressed, semi-automatic rifle toting middle aged militia wanna-bes respond to complaints in rural areas of monkeys and bigfeet (bigfoots?) by deploying into the forest, finding game trails, and waiting under trees for shadows. So far they have located a screech owl.

USPS informed delivery email showed an envelope from the county assessor, which I thought would be my tax bill so I drove out to the mailbox. It turns out to be a decal which I'm supposed to put on a window visible from the street to show the house is registered. None of my neighbors have one showing, and all my windows are behind sun screens so that's not going to happen.

The assessor's first name is the same as my older sister's, which is pretty rare.

I posted my NatGeo DNA results on FB, with a note that I'm not very white. My youngest sister was confused. It's pretty clear we are only 12% white, the rest Middle Eastern & SW Asian. She got all upset because we were allowed to buy a house in a neighborhood which was prohibited to blacks. I wasn't thrilled with that either, but the neighborhood was only open to Jews and Catholics, the 2nd class citizens of post WWII. There were no Protestant families.

I also told her we may look white, but that's not our DNA and it's not our history.

None of our ancestors sold black people or kept them as slaves. They were too busy running from the Cossacks and staying away from the cattle cars to the gas chambers. And then there were the original ghettos, where people were actually locked in at night. They weren't allowed to wear masks, though.

Bottom line is I am just so tired of people looking at me and assuming because I look white, I'm some confederate flag-waving racist, and that I come from many generations of White Privilege. Because I don't.

What I didn't point out is Barak Obama is more white than we are. 50%. He doesn't look it, and has learned to not act it.

In other news, my prescription sunglasses are finally en route. Expected Friday. Amber polarized lenses, adjusted only for astigmatism. I hope I got the numbers right.

Did not make any move to assemble the media rack. Looked for pre-assembled, but they are expensive and not in stock most places.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drive to Boulder City. That park with the fishing pond.
Need to link my phone to the car in case Nissan calls.
Maybe work on the media rack. Maybe


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