Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Lethargic, then Verizon and computer desk FAIL.

Very lazy morning, out of bed at 7:20 then back in bed till 10:30. Breakfast was brunch.

Kept dozing off in front of the PC, no storm chasers, one guy fishing. Seattle BLM parade streamer was at a very boring press conference led by a Latina whose message was short but her talk was long.

Called Walmart 'cause they had filled some prescriptions from Dr. Washington which I didn't need yet, and he had not sent in one for the Hgl meter. She said she would call the doctor, but I think she may have called Kaiser. So far it is not on my prescriptions list.

4 pm arrived at Verizon, they said there was a 15 minute wait - wait in my car, they would come get me. WTF? It's 113F out there. Then they forgot about me. 25 minutes testing the air conditioner and I finally went in - there were no other customers, and the guy who said he would come get me wasn't there.

The fellow who helped me was the same one I gave a lot of trouble to when I first got to LV, bought a phone, returned it and bought a different one. It took a while but he finally understood the Samsung will be my streaming device, it needs its own number and  a prepaid unlimited data account.

Their hands-off policy was insane, he had to text me a link to enter my credit card, and the link was so stupid - credit card number was starred out as it was entered. I got it right the second time, but then his tablet locked up, it would not let him authorize the transaction. Twice. He figured out a work around but it meant me signing on his tablet with my finger - he should have provided a stylus.

It was all pretty dumb, but in the end I was able to stream my ride home, sort of. Had to put the phone down in the well below the steering wheel and point it up at me. Audio was weak but the signal was fine all the way. Home, the phone was very hot but did not crap out like the Pixel.

I'll wait till I have the Leaf back and can use the phone dashboard mount.

RPCV singles Zoom meeting, only 3 of us at first but then more showed up.  Some pretty women new to the meeting. Three from Tacoma.

7:30 I bailed and did my own stream, but no one came. :-(

Tivo was lame too. NFL Live was half BS, a stupid game with a fancy wheel to spin, choose a QB, spin the wheel, see which team he gets traded to. All hypothetical, and poorly presented.

PTI was back, apparently Tony had been in an accident and hurt his head. But I find nothing about it online. Hmmm...

Andy Cohen's guest today nauseates me, so I nuked the show unwatched.

Dinner was shrimp egg rolls (after the usual salad) and fruit cocktail for dessert. 450° oven for 15 minutes was not such a bright idea on a hot day.

The door of the computer desk drawer separated from the frame. Stuff was falling out as I searched for a micro SD card. Needed duct tape and silicone sealer. Will know tomorrow if that worked. Also used duct tape to re-attach the rod to Spook's killer wheelie toy, which had broken off above the base. It really needs superglue.

Tried on the Teva sandals, they are going back tomorrow. Would have gone back today but Verizon took too long. I found a different brand & style in a 11 Wide - on order. 

Also broken is the retractable USB cable for the Sony headphones. Micro USB. On order. Apparently I do not have a microSD card for the new phone, looking at the prices I don't really need one.

Plans for tomorrow:
UPS, return the sandals
Maybe a short duck in to Albertson's next door for marinated artichoke hearts. Maybe.
If all my stuff is at Walmart pharmacy, go and get it. Probably won't be.


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