Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

What's the deal with pistachio almond ice cream?

Another late morning. Breakfast was brunch. I slept well, only one or two pit stops, but I was up till 2.
Voicemail from Nissan, the part hasn't even shipped yet. And it will take 2 days to fix once it arrives, so no sooner than Wednesday.

So I grabbed the phone mount and slapped it in on the dashboard - the Kicks has a smooth dashboard, the suction cup works on it. The Leaf's is textured.

First trip streaming was to the Duck Creek trail, which the Pixel couldn't handle. The Samsung did okay but I had to unplug the power because it kept going in and out of contact. Very short stop, and then to the UPS store, and the phone streamed all the way there. But taking it out of its mount it was very hot. UPS was crowded, small children ignored and running around while mom filled out forms. About 10 minutes to get to the counter, dropped off the Amazon return and was out of there in a flash.

Albertson's, forgot the artichoke hearts but got milk, and a whole watermelon for $5, and a pile of frozen meals. Looking for ice cream, I start at the cheap end, and there was a Brand X of pistachio almond. Haven't seen that before. Sounds good. I grabbed one. Then on to the more expensive brands, and half the cartons had pistachio almond Huh?.

Set up the phone to stream, it did okay until almost home, when it overheated and closed the streaming app. Unlike the Pixel it did not shut down. 109° on the way back.

Put away everything, checked the videos - the quality was fine. Looks like overheating will be an issue on the dashboard.

Nevada is requiring masks now. I don't like it,  the numbers don't justify it in LV. They do in other places, but not here. Testing and cases have increased, but not hospitalizations.

Walmart messaged me that all my prescriptions are finally in. But I don't see an Hgl meter n the list, so I called to doctor's office, really an answering service and after 10 minutes on hold got a very concerned women who said she would expedite the message. But I'm not seeing it on the list at Walmart. I need salad greens, I think I'll pick up the meds and then a box of spring greens.

Streamed late, had a couple of guys from Greece and one from NY. Major humorous banter. The Greeks knew each other.

Delivered silently was the plush tiger. It looks very real. Most of it is cuddly, but the head is rock solid. Will try it out tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe work on the media rack. Maybe.

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