Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Southern Fried Samsung and Walmart follies

This morning after the usual routine I grabbed the "plush" tiger and its receipt, & the Samsung phone and streamed my ride to Walmart. The phone was very hot by the time I got there and was closing the streaming app when I took it out of the mount.

7 minutes at Customer service then a very easy return. I liked the tiger but it isn't a plushie. Useless as a bed bolster.

On the the pharmacy, one very slow customer ahead of me.  Three prescriptions. Go to the drop-off window for the meter. No prescription, so they wouldn't take the coupon. Boo, hiss.

On to the groceries dept, bananas, spring salad and marinated artichoke hearts.

Home, the phone overheated and shut down just past the front gate.

Lots of time on FB and twitter. Twitch had the guy covering the DC BLM festival. I watched for a long time, also checked in at 3 storm chasers but none of them found thunder/lightning or tornadoes.

DC guy has a crush on a streamer in LA who has been asking him for help setting up streaming. So he "raided" her, and I see why the crush, both ways. He's attractive the same way she is. I told him to go for it. She's worth an LDR, and who knows?

Found a 2-fer meter deal on Amazon for $22.

Lunch was cold cuts and string cheese. Walmart generic string cheese is not as edible as Lucerne.

Sliced up the watermelon and filled 4 1-gallon bags. Ate half a bag's worth for dessert.

Set up the camera in the front room to stream Spook on her perch. It stayed up, not hot, till the battery died in 3.5 hours. So the problem is how hot the dashboard gets. Asked online for suggestions.

Watched one TMZ (2nd one was the weekly wrap) and a 90 days teaser. Two others were reruns.

Streamed for 2 hours - second hour had a lot of chatting going on. A new chatter from NJ,born female but may not be anymore. Non-binary. Will start streaming later from now on.

Salad and beef teriyaki bowl for dinner. Almond pistachio ice cream dessert.

No work done on the media thing. May toss it Sunday night and order something simpler.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pick up the mail
Try to empty the last 2 small boxes. Some is postal stuff, some is from my work desk.
Take the bulk garbage out to the curb

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