Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another stay at home day

There were two storm chasers worth following most of the afternoon. One said he saw a funnel drop but I think he's mistaken. The other chased a thunderhead which he got bored with and left.

Packed the pieces of the media stand back into the box and wheeled it into the front room for later curbside distribution.

Washed the sheets and My Pillow. The guy who claims the pillow is washable is lying. It's a bag of sponges, it gets so loaded with water that the spin cycle makes the washer try to escape. I pulled it out and tossed it onto the back porch to drain and dry in the 100° heat, but it didn't. After it was out there all day I tossed it into the dryer, and it's now on it 3rd cycle, maybe it will be dry enough to use tonight. Maybe.** It did fluff up a lot.

 Quick trip to the mailbox, there was a very sexist Jockey catalog and snailmail from my doctor's office. I was hoping it was the info to let me log into my account, but it was an authorization to go to a cancer lab to check out my skin cancer. I'll call tomorrow.

No deliveries. A couple due tomorrow.

Ordered a rack like the one the movers broke, from Best Buy. Some assembly required, bu not an IKEA project.

Installed batteries and stuck on three motion controlled lights which had been sitting on recliner 2 for weeks. One to light Spook's water dish so I could see if I was overfilling it. I took the trough, dumped it, cleaned it and put it back, then filled it. The other two for the dark hallway.

Nothing on Tivo, so continued watching The Boys on Amazon Fire. Bloody, lots of sex/inuendo, and we're finding out how bad the good guys are, and vice versa.

Lunch was lasagna, 6 slices of watermelon.  Salad and Ha Gow for dinner, pistachio almond ice cream.

**Took the pillow out of the dryer, it's dry enough and on the bed now.

Taking the bins out to the curb and the then bulk garbage items was a challenge thanks to 25 mph winds with gusts to 50 mph. Spook loved it - she hng out by the front door behind the screen and basked in the breezes. Nobody else on my block took their bins out.

Plans for tomorrow:
I've moved the phone mount to in front of a vent, will try to stream my ride to Whitney Mesa.
Bring in the bins. Hope they don't blow away with nothing to weigh them down
There may be more storm chasers

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