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I lost a day

Monday was a weirdly late night, and quiet day. I did not get out except way late to bring in the garbage and pick up a package from my mailbox. The package contained a single lightweight mesh brief which was great except it was too small, despite being 3x. I'm giving up and going back to Jockey briefs. I just have to dry them in low heat.

Lunch was nibbles, plus some watermelon, and I loaded and ran the dishwasher because I was down to my last salad bowl. There were some 90 Day teasers on tivo. The Zoo featured critters called Dholes, a kind of canine much like a dog-fox mix.

Sent for dinner for 2 nights from Thai Food Kitchen. Once again it was meh, and I'm now over the fancy heart-shaped mango and sticky rice because the slices are way too small to enjoy. Time  to find a better Thai delivery option.  But I will go back when in-person is back to normal because the waitress is adorable.

Dinner was beef satay  with a side of fried rice, two glasses of Thai iced tea, and the mango. The beef was half gristle. Had to add my own vinegar to the cuke salad.

Streamed a few times when I got bored. One time there were a few chatters, but mostly not. Zoom meeting of BASFA was very lightly attended, but still worth it.

Went to bed around midnight, but got up at 1:30, created chocolate milk, and watched a full 90 days episode. 3 am and 3 chocolate milks later I was able to get back to sleep. The My Pillow, once it was finally dry, smells like the fabric softener, very pleasant. And it fluffed up a lot.

Which brings us to the last day of June, allegedly the last day of Pride Month. I was completely down with Pride Day when it first happened back in the Late Jurassic, but not anymore. So a month is just way too much to take. Act like you're part of the society you fought so hard to become.

Changed my wake-up alarm to 8 am, or maybe 8:30 but was up before 7 anyway.

After meds and breakfast and FB and the news (which included the 2000-year-old man dead at 98). Only one storm chaser, and he was hours away from his target.

So I set up the Samsung in the car, tried to position it by an aircon vent but ended up on the dash instead. I need a vent-mount holder. Streamed all the way to the base of the mesa, a very nice park but the scene is destroyed buy a lot of houses which should not have been allowed to build there. Click here to see the album
whitney mesa

I wanted to get where she was up there, but my Google Maps app had other ideas. I will try again, probably July 2 since I have a cardiology return appointment tomorrow.


The stream stayed up all the way there, but the phone gave up a few minutes into the return trip.

I tried the long-awaited sunglasses but they made my astigmatism worse. My fault, I tried to build a prescription from old ones without really knowing what I was doing.

I wore my new Dockers sandals for the trip. A little awkward driving in them, they have no heel strap and need to stretch a little more before they stay solidly on my feet.

 Watermelon for lunch. Watched a couple of streamers, one storm chaser and a couple of protest followers. I was hoping my fave congressional commentator was covering yesterday's election, but he was all about Dr. Facemask.

Dinner saw me unloading the dishwasher to get a salad bowl, making a dinner salad, then heating up a large serving of shrimp pot Thai, which meant removing it from the foil wrapper. It's in a foam container, no need to add foil to keep it warm. It didn't survive a night in the fridge very well. Probably was not very good to begin with. Three large slices of watermelon for dessert while watching NFL live beat the same subjects to death over and over. Using the same 6 clips of each player they mention.

PTI has Mike in the studio but Tony is still paranoid and in his attic. And not explaining why his head is bandaged under his hat.

Below Deck Med un-scene doesn't add enough to the show to make it worth watching, but I sat through it anyway, hoping. But all I got was bathroom "humor".  The new episode will wait till tomorrow. Along with two TMZs.

Delivered was the media rack from BestBuy. It was not easy to assemble but it also was not an all-day project. It's a sturdier design than the broken one, but poorly machined. It was a challenge getting the slats to line up with the cut-outs in the side panels. I had to remove screws several times to get things lined up so the rods wouldn't fall out. But it's built now, and Spook was annoyed that I was too busy to brush her. She also was over at the water fountain making strange squeaks. My only thought was earthquake warning. Looking at USGS, there were two near Tonopah but early in the morning.

In not-delivered news, Amazon won't let me cancel items which have not been delivered or one which is scheduled for September. :-(

My youngest sister thinks I should grow succulents. She sent me a link to a Facebook group in Israel which is all about cactus gardens. No thanks. Israel's plan of making the country green again has failed miserably. Cactus is not the answer. And I hate having to decode Israeli Hebrew. They leave out most of the vowels.

Plans for tomorrow:
Put weights on the legs of the media rack and fill it with DVDs and VHS cassettes.
2 pm cardiology appointment
Look into an optometry appointment for sunglasses which correct the astigmatism.

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