Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Ho hum at the cardio

Not much in the morning. One storm chaser was out but she was in traffic in a town/city without a view of the storm. Protests in Seattle, the cops decided to play junior toy soldiers and take back the festival zone. They look like complete idiots standing in a ragged line across the street, long batons in hand. They started with bicycles. There's also stuff happening in Portland OR and in Kentucky.

1:30 I drove to the cardiology clinic. I should have just taken my usual route, but I followed Google Maps instead and it took me on all the wrong streets. Added a few minutes to the drive and a lot of bad roads. I streamed the whole trip but left the phone in the car so it was too hot to stream the ride home for more than a few blocks.

Doctor said I was doing well, edema was less, lost 5 lbs, BP is good. My meter is accurate. Nurse gave me a month's free Pradaxa samples. Saved me $300.

Straight home on the right roads, it was pretty quick.

Should have loaded up the media rack, but it needs weights on the base. Usually get them at sporting goods stores but those are all closed. Maybe Walmart?

Watched some TMZ. 90 day was reruns-recaps from last year. No PTI - soccer crap instead. NFL Live was FF city. Below Deck Med was kind of meh. Boorish guests. Beautiful malamute puppy but dogs are not allowed on yachts so it had to be parked in a pet hotel most of the trip. New girl did not get enough air time. Hannah got way too much.  Chef is crazy.

Going to be hot tonight and tomorrow.

Ordered some linseed oil for the new sandals. Used the voice remote and amazon fire on the home theater. One more episode of The Boys.  It keeps getting worse.

Green curry beef  on rice for dinner. One serving left. Watermelon & a ding dong for dessert.

Streamed for an hour. Sporadic chatters joined in.

Plans for tomorrow:
Optometrists at Henderson Walmart. See if they are really open. Try for an appointment. Proscription sunglasses for driving.  While I'm there, see about a Hgl meter.
Moon Valley nursery, ask them what they know about Tropicana Palms landscaping.
Maybe look for the top of the mesa

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