Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The car is ready but I was not

Late start again, breakfast would have been lunch if I'd eaten the egg.

Drove to the Walmart with the eye doctors, but they (a) were out to lunch till 2 and (b) were only doing contact lenses. Plan B was a WIN:
- $4 watermelon (whole, HUGE)
- $5 oral thermometer (passed on the no contact forehead scanner for $40+)
- $22 One Touch Viso Flex Hgl meter

1:45 pm, decided it was not worth it to call for an eye doctor appointment if I couldn't order glasses. So, put all the goodies in the cargo hold, and punched Valley of the Moon into Google Maps. It was a long drive. Note to self: it's fine to pull off the road and put the watermelon on a seat instead of listening/feeling it bang around with each stop and go. Isaac Newton was right.

Calling Valley of the Moon a nursery is like calling the Las Vegas Strip a street. Acre upon acre of trees of all sizes, but mostly big., bigger and OMGWTFBBQ. And they will plant it for you. The huge ones they plant for 50% off.

Very personable positive Dan sat me at his desk and answered my questions. He gave me the name and number of The irrigation guy.  And told me yes I needed to contact the park office to find out what I cannot plant. And maybe how that big sage bush keeps growing without a visible water supply. While I was there, phone call & voicemail & text from Nissan, my car was done, can be picked up before 6. But I had stuff to deliver home, needed to put some gas in the car and take all the things out of it. Called them back and said I'd pick it up tomorrow.

The residents' FB page published this month's park newsletter, and they only list one phone number for the office. I'll try that - the office is still closed. No email addresses in the newsletter.

Home, set up the meter - it needed a new battery and pairing to my app. Works great.

Used the mandolin to slice up two red onions.

Watched NFL Live and TMZ. PTI  also.

Joined the RPCV singles Zoom meeting for 2 hours. Streamed for an hour after dinner -a salad and mac&cheese & Salisbury steak meal.The last of the watermelon from the fridge.

Plans for tomorrow:
Return the rental car & take the shuttle to Nissan.
Pick up my car. Check the tires - got a message from the car that the tires are low
Drive it around some.
Home, put the 10-lb weights on the base of the media rack in such a wy that they hold it in place
Load the media rack
Slice up the watermelon & bag it.
Still to be done tonight:
Unload the dryer. Salvage underpants for tomorrow
Watch the rest of TMZ(?)
Charge up some cola soda

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