Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

The car is fixed, but...

After breakfast and the usual online scan, took the rental car back, used Google Maps via bluetooth audio. I should have launched a music app in the background because my brain never shuts off when I'm driving without background music or talk radio.

Painless return, shuttle to Nissan by an 82-year-old Italian refugee. From what he said about disciplining the protesters, Mussolini taught him well.

Slight delay at Nissan - #1, my rep was checking in another customer, #2 - Enterprise had not given me a printed invoice, so he called them to have it faxed. Not something I really needed to wait for, he was just being OCD. It took a while to get the car, it was parked behind an urban assault vehicle and the fellow who was supposed to get it out was elsewhere for 10 minutes.

They had destroyed the terrycloth steering wheel cover, but I have two more in the shed.   Could not get the seat to move forward, but it was close enough to drive.** Took a trip way up Tropicana Ave, the cruise control was working differently than it should have, intermittently would not start back up after a stop. Quick stop at Walgreen's, bought what was labeled polarized amber sunglasses,  two big bags of Werther's sugar free (hard to find) and some Dove dark & mint chocolates. And a bottle of orange Fanta. In the car it became clear that the sunglasses were not polarized and not glare resistant either. Fished out my too-dark polarized ones and after a week without any sunglasses they were no longer too dark.

**Home, tried the seat adjustment from outside the car, seems i was pushing the buttons down instead of forward. Problem solved.

Sliced up the watermelon, it was bigger than the last one, filled 5 1-gallon bags.

Spent the rest of the day indoors, found a pair of 5-lb weights for the media rack. I think I really need several smaller ones.  After the rack was completely filled with VHS cassettes and DVDs, I discovered (putting the weights on the feet) that one of the feet was on backwards. Trivial problem, but it meant putting one weight on the back of one foot and one on  the front of the other foot.

Next project was to dump everything out of the laundry basket  (it was full of stuff from under the sink after the disposal leaked) and put actual laundry in it. All my laundry is now on the bed or on a chair. Except my Hawaiian shirts which are hanging on the up-against-the-wall ironing board.  So now there is a big mess of variously sized ziplock bags on the rolltop desk and the floor, as well as a selection of furniture polish, oven cleaner, dish soap and flyswatters. To be continued.

Lunch was chicken a la king and a lot of chilled watermelon. Almost a gallon's worth. Yum! Snacked on some string cheese. Three identical ieces on a turntable, should have heate evenly but did not. I'd been noticing some uneven heating foo, and unpredictable results. So I ordered a Toshiba (they have a handle not a push-to-open disaster) which got Amazon's highest rating despite about 10% DOA. I'll have to not throw awey the box. Plenty of room in the shed.$107 on Amazon, $235 at Walmart. WTF?

Watched some streamers, and then NFL Live and PTI.

Dinner will be tuna noodle casserole, after I finish writing.

BP has been very low today. Hgl meter shows I'm still roller coastering. Nice to have a working meter again.

I'll plug in the car after I upload this.

Plans for tomorrow:
Stay home. I really want to take the car for a long drive, but not this weekend
A Bay area radio DJ friend is MC for a parade which will be online tomorrow morning. I'll try to wake up in time
At least one storm chaser will be out
Seattle's protests now have a multi-stream site. Interesting to see the stupidity of the police.
I found two DVDs to play - Memphis which was launched from my home theater group, and The Room which was sent by a friend a while ago, I can't remember if I watched it. She was asking on FB tonight.

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