Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

July the 4th be with you

Today's start was watching the not hardly virtual at all Morgan Hill CA parade. A friend was MC, she's a radio personality IRL. It was on FB Live, and they had found several locations where participants could be with their groups but apart from the others, and switched between them. Some businesses gathered in front of their store instead of walking in the parade. Two of the Zoomed band sessions were excellent, one was not - out of sync and obviously pre-recorded with one percussionist playing three instruments in side by side panels.  There were at least three locations for horses to parade. The production was well planned and executed, except for the very start where they had many individual children singing the SSB mostly off key and out of sync.

Two hours later I got off my butt to go to the shed and bring things back to the cargo area of the car which I'd taken out for the repair. Two umbrellas, a pair of shoes, a pair of old 49ers gloves (I have new ones) and the trickle charger will stay in the shed for now. That last ought to stay in the car in case of emergency, but unlike the Ford, there's no compartment for it under the driver's seat.

A few items went into the trash or the recycle bin. There are now too many pairs of sunglasses on the back seat.

Next up was a 2-DVD set of the TV serial The Lost Room, which a friend had sent but I could not remember watching. Turns out when I first got it I played disk 2 first - did not see there were 2 disks. It's not a story one can come into halfway through, so I thought it was crap and set it aside. This time I saw it the right way, and it is pretty good. Special effects are disturbing and excellent. Supporting cast is perfection, right up to the security goons.

I made a couple of melted cheese on rye sandwiches for lunch, after putting the thawed lamb chops into a glass pan to marinate in the last of the sherry, a dash of rum, a dash of mint extract, oregano, Thai basil and thyme. And two lime halves.

TMZ was a rerun, no NFL Live. The Zoo will wait for later. 90 Day had some new scenes. I can't wait for the Samoan guy to get sent packing by his father in law. And it looks like Colt is getting played again.

Dinner was a salad and then one lamb chop. The other is in the freezer. Dessert was a pile of watermelon and a chocolate ice cream sandwich.

Lots of exploding things, Spook loved it. When I went outside to look, she parked herself by the door and stayed there, wagging her tail.

Plans for tomorrow:
Watch Memphis on DVD
and The Zoo on Tivo
I'll put off an Albertson's run till Monday, considering the holiday weekend.
Also Monday will be a drive to Boulder City to get a reality check on the mileage situation, and cruise control.

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