Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Toilet mystery $olved

Off to a slow start this morning, unable to get a nails appointment till tomorrow. Tried for a mobile grooming appointment for Spook, but the first one (a) wanted $100 and (b) had nothing until next month. After a lunch of beef & broccoli lean cuisine, I read all the news, then listened for a while to a streamer talking about Trump's education round table. No storms being chased.

3:30-ish, put on Tevas, hopped in the car and drove to Home Depot. There was a worker about my age in the toilet section who looked up the numbers on the photo from inside my toilet, and he confirmed the plumber had cheated me. Don't know why, the more powerful one of the same brand was the same price and in stock. Customer service hooked me up with delivery & installation, she said they will call within 2 business days to schedule. $99 for the toilet, $99 to install, $75 to deliver and $35 to remove the current one. She suggested making it a planter, but I don't think the park would like that. 

Detoured on the way home and found the top of the mesa, but not a viewpoint. The mesa is all condos and business parks. Bummer. But I know there's a way up there...

Home was a festival of Tivo. Several 90 Day Fiance spinoffs, Below Deck Med, Andy Cohen had a deck hand and the chef on. The did not show a lot of the very sexy clients.

Found another mobile groomer, sent a Yelp message for an appointment. We'll see...they are all being slammed by the lockdowns.

Running the dishwasher. I was out of knives and salad bowls.

Played with Spook a little, but she lost interest quickly.

Salad, Meat loaf and garlic mashed, almond pistachio ice cream for dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get up with the alarm
9:30 nails appt.
Drive around a bit
Unload the dishwasher
Move the microwave box to the shed. And the Panasonic microwave too.

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