Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Nails, then nothing

Up at 7, early shower & breakfast. 9:15 to the nails place, I was right they really open at 10, and were squeezing three of us in early. It was a 10-minute wait.

Slightly less of a manicure than usual - only one gel coat. I chose to not have color. The price has gone up from $35 to $38.

I may need to change nail places. Maybe find the place I went to my firs week here.

Home, did all the PC stuff. Cold cuts for lunch. Watermelon dessert.

No storm chasers online, no streamers at all that I follow.

3 pm took a nap. Spook took the opportunity to be shower cat.

Tivo only had TMZ. I also watched some local stations. Oh wait, two episodes of Celebrity Match Game 74. New and very sexy panelist Louisa Moritz. Goldie Hawn look & act alike. Wiki says she came to the US to escape her cousin Fidel's regime, knowing no English. After a successful movie & TV career she went to law school and was admitted to the California Bar. Lived to be 82, a couple of years before she died she sued Bill Cosby for sexual advances - one of the first. At about the same time she and the Bar got into a squabble and they disbarred her.

Tried a new frozen dinner, pork and cherry something from Eating Well. It tasted fine but was a very small portion. Chocolate ice cream with walnuts helped.

Tried to brush Spook's back, it's matted more than I thought. She doesn't tolerate the wire brush and barely lets me use the bristle brush.

Plans for tomorrow:
2-ish dermatology appointment to check out the skin cancer and ask about skin tags while I'm at it.
I may try to stream the drive.

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