Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Warts and all

Woke up several times to pee, about 4 am Spook was in the shower. The 8 am alarm took me by surprise, I was fast asleep. So was Spook - in the shower using the rim as a pillow. She was dreaming so I just took a leak and stepped on the scale and went back to bed. The phone rang, it was the plumbers who Home Depot contracted the toilet job to, made an appointment for Monday 10-12 window. She was disappointed that i was so far in the future but it's no emergency and Monday is fine.

Did some browsing on the tablet, finally got up for real 10:30 or so.

No one on twitch, not much on FB, scanned the news - not much there either.

No real lunch, just some string cheese and sodas.

1:30 finally time to get in the car and head for the skin & cancer center. Checked in at 2:00, for a 2:30 appointment. Very comfortable waiting room, but about a dozen people were called in ahead of me. Finally saw a nurse at 3:00 - had to take the elevator upstairs. More of a wait for the doctor, 15 minutes. He did a very thorough check of my body, said the things on  my face were warts, not cancerous. In fact, it seems I never had skin cancer at all.

114° in the car, instead of going home, went to 99Ranch market where they had a lot of my favorite Thai iced tea in a can. And Lamyay. And I also got some huge limes, and a small package from the freezer of durian and sticky rice. Seafood was way expensive, no durian ice cream. Bananas were cheap and green-ish. At checkout I got a frequent flyer card. In CA the cashiers just scanned the one they kept at the register. Never needed my own.

Home, put stuff away. It was after 5.

One storm chaser was out, a new LA streamer was in her friend's car driving around Beverly Hills and downtown.

I set up my stream in countdown mode. 8:30-9:30 streamed, two very active chatters.

Macaroni and shells and turkey frank slices and cheese for dinner, the last of the watermelon for dessert. Need to work on the lamyay tomorrow.

Read my lease last night and was reminded that I am allowed two cats here. Spent some time on local adoption center pages thinking maybe Spook can try again. I'll make an appointment at the biggest one and get some counseling. And maybe another calico. Maybe. 50% senior discount.... Can't remember if I kept a litterbox or not. New cat can live in the small bathroom for a while.

And that covers plans for tomorrow.

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