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The shelter required not only an appointment, but choose one animal to meet. Just one. I saw a calico the same age and almost as big as Spook, shorter hair, and made a 4 pm appointment.

It was a long drive out there, and my GPS told me to turn one block before I was supposed to. So I got positioned to carefully make a U-turn and was counting on the pickup truck in the distance to keep its speed steady and continue straight. But he sped up and cut across my path, whacking off the front of my car.

No one was hurt, but my car was not drivable with that big piece of plastic scraping the ground. Knocked the license plate clear off.

114° and no shade. We're in the middle of the street and the other driver insists we wait for the police. I call to cancel my shelter appointment, then call Nissan roadside assistance, who call the police and then tell me Nissan won't cover towing for an accident. They have me call my insurance company, which calls the police and calls a tow truck. ETA for the tow is 45 minutes, no sign of the police. 15 minutes later the tow truck shows up. The other driver has called the police often. Nothing.

After three hours I tell the other driver I'm having my car towed. His car is barely scratched. Tow truck driver says police aren't coming if they haven't arrived after 3 hours, so he tows me a block away to a body shop the insurance company suggested. About 4 hours in the police call to let me know they have been delayed. :-(

Called for an uber ride, he arrived in 20 minutes or less, I ask to be let off at the front gate. I walk the half mile home with a stop at the mailbox, where there is a package. It is cooler now - 104°.

There's another package on the carport steps.

Spook is yelling/crying at me. She wants food, she wants to be brushed. She probably expected another cat.

I got home at about 8:15, streamed from 8:30-9:30 most of the time with chatters.

I do all the FB things, then order KFC delivered. Enough for a big dinner tonight and three or four more. Pistachio Almond ice cream dessert. Thai iced tea while I am waiting, cola with the meal.

The body shop is closed till Monday. Online I see it is a chain, and I really should have had the car towed to the one nearest my house. Oh well. Will sort that out Monday.

Match Game 74 on Tivo, TMZ and also a 90 Day Fiancé teaser. Gene Rayburn's teeth are weird, like he has dentures crafted to make him look like a hayseed. The amount of sexual harassment on the show is epic. And racism.

In those packages was another set of the good Chinese underpants, an a leopard print ed sheet which I had forgotten about, ordered in March.

No plans for the weekend. I expect there will be storm chasers to watch. Maybe that Memphis DVD needs playing.

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