Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Final boxes emptied, sort of. Filk concert all day

Up many times during the night, surprised awake by the 8 am alarm.  Walked the 3 blocks to the PO boxes at 9 am, it was 96° when I set out, 103° when I got home. No package in the box, just a letter from the park saying I owed them $13. Called the office twice - both times it went to someone's cell phone - no name given. Left a message for them to fix their auto-pay system. They charge $5 a month for that service, and they shouldn't be bugging me about their system not working.

Had a nice chat with Sandy next door, finally met her friend Jack, who is very hunk-like and I think Australian.

10 am it was time to tune into a Zoom session with filkers from around the world. One really nice thing about zoom is people who would not have been able to get to Denver for the convention could still attend, and perform. The first session was supposed to be a workshop on setting up a podcast, but the workshop part was about 30 seconds: "I just use this inexpensive microphone and free Audacity software". He isn't streaming video, just audio, which IMHO is cheating. But for video you just need a webcam so no big deal.

Then came the 1-hour solo concerts.
Joseph Abbott - I bailed before the end of the workshop and somehow I missed him.
Norma McPhee's voice annoyed me and her tunes were tuneless so I muted her and watched some Twitch streams
Art Warneke had a lot of interesting stuff
Blind Lemming Chiffon was the MC and his blues filk was great. I keep telling him he is the most talented guitar/banjo/mandolin player I know but he says he's not so good.
Chris Clarke - the guitar drowned out the vocals, but the tunes were typical filk monotonous
Deirdre Moira Murphy I missed because VegasDogLife started streaming
Dave Stagner was excellen. A lot of variety
Bill Laubenheimer is a friend, but I wish he didn't do more than a couple of songs. He ran out of material, but he also wanders around the melody, never quite landing on a key. I should ask if he has been taking lessons.
Kerri-Ellen Kelly - I missed her because I went to Twitch to not have to listen to Bill
Eric Coleman was okay
Vanessa Cardui was stunning. I saw her in person at Consonance last year and fell in love. She plays many instruments, sings in many languages and is a bona fide ancient music expert. I think she came to us from Canada.

And then it was 6:30 pm and I needed a rest from the PC. Watched some UFO stuff and then a series on how Washington was a pivotal person in the revolutionary war.

Streamed from 8:30-9:30, good conversations, the end of the hour came as a surprise.

Mac & turkey franks & cheddar for dinner. Out of salad greens but made a salad with the other ingredients.

Emptied the 3rd to last box onto my bed and redistributed everything either to the guest closet (photo stuff) , the new plastic drawers in the office (postcards and mailing items) or the garbage.

Did the same to the 2nd to last box, except most of that was way too many DVD/CD mailers (recycled), postcards and greeting cards and misc mailing items. I need another legal size drawer for some of those.

The final box I thought was only Mom & Dad's collection of snapshots still in the drug store envelopes. But that was only half the box, the other half looks to be 100 years of parents & grandparents loose photos of family. I need to sort through those. It will take a while.

Also installed 4 wi-fi bulbs in the guest room fan/chandelier. Alexa and Google can control them. I installed three in the dining room yesterday. I have 5 more left over, not sure where they will go.

Took out the garbage and recycled bins. Easy without a car in the driveway.

Washed a load of laundry. Probably won't run the dryer till morning since it's still 98° outside.

Plans for morrow:
10-12 window for toilet replacement
Expect to hear from the body shop
Need to file a police report - may need to Uber to the car rental place. Not sure if Enterprise will shuttle me there.
Check for calico cats at the usual shelters

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