Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Backdated eventful Monday

I got up with the 8 am alarm, and did my routine early/on time so I'd be all caught up online by the time the plumber arrived at 10 am (best case for 10-noon window).

At about 9 I called the insurance company and it took about half an hour to file a claim, including a voice recording interview by the agent. She made reservations with Enterprise for a rental car, and sent all my info to the body shop. Body shop rep called, said I should get up there as son as possible for paperwork and an estimator to look over my car. She said she would get me into the rental car which insurance had reserved. I had to reduce the size of the photos of the crash and the other driver's license & plate to be able to email it to insurance company. Luckily I have a batch routine in Photoshop for this for posting my photos on Flickr.

Plumber arrived at about 11, removed the toilet and installed the new (right) one in an hour. Silently. Spook stayed hidden in plain sight on the floor between the recliner and the couch.

Noon-ish I placed a call for an Uber ride to the body shop. He arrived around 12:20, mumbling something about a fire. He had a Tagalog TV show playing loudly on his phone, it was hard to hear him. And his accent made him hard to understand. When we got to the front of the park the road was blocked, fire truck and ambulance on the left and traffic pylons on the right, we had to take a road to the left and work around to the other side of the blockage. Piss poor traffic management, and total FAIL by the park which should have sent a text about the blockage & fire.

The uber's GPS took us a different way, up Tropicana to the freeway and exit back to Boulder Hwy/Fremont Street. It may have been faster.

Checked in, waited 15 minutes for the estimator, who took me all around the building looking for my car because usually towed cars were taken back there, but mine was right where I'd left it. It was a 10 minute walk in 115° with a 20 mph wind. But when he found it, he did a good job of opening all the doors, the hood and the power plug flap, and it was clear that the shell of the car had been shoved out of true. But no frame damage, they can fix this. And I also asked for an estimate to fix two previous minor dings.

The body shop rep called for a rental car which was delivered to me there. Nissan Sentra, no nav system. Red. Initialed a lot of things, insurance only pays $25/day, so it's gonna cost me. Not much, maybe $5/day.

Got my masks and the soda stream return from the car. Had my hat & sunglasses. Drove home by way of the post office, but somehow did not find it on the street I thought I remembered it on, so then by way of Albertson's because I was out of salad greens and watermelon. And more chocolate ice cream sandwiches never hurt.

Earlier in the day I gave up being on hold for the doctor's office. They don't have a way online to create a login. Also got a return call from the park office insisting I pay that $13. I was able to do that online, but I will be writing to corporate to complain.

Napped at about 4. Crashed at 11:30, but couldn't sleep so I made myself some chocolate milk an watched the 90 Day Fiancé episode I'd started earlier. In bed before 2 I think.

Did not make a salad, just melted some string cheese on sourdough for dinner.  

Plans for Tuesday:
Look up the PO address and drop off the sodastream box
Catch up on Tivo
Slice up the watermelon and put the pieces in bags in the fridge
Maybe start sorting 1,001 parental photos

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