Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Very Quiet for a 2's Day

Breakfast after sleeping in a bit. The new toilet is working, but not as high pressure as I expected. May still have to invest in a big snake. One poop at a time.

Checked on the map, the PO was the next block past the one I had turned on. 1/4 mile or so. Mountain Vista not Nellis. Got in the car and drove out there, but the drive-thru has been altered to not allow large packages so I had to go inside and use the big drum thing. Fairly long line for a clerk at lunch hour, no surprise there, but no need to wait for what I was doing.

Already got email from sodasense that they received the package, but I think they only received the notice from the PO that it was shipped.

Back at the home mailbox was a letter from CA employment office saying that I may qualify for a Covid-19 extra dole. But I don't think I can claim it from here. It was sent to my CA address and magically appeared in my mailbox here without any forwarding label. Other than not being in CA, I am qualified. To apply but maybe not to get it.

As sort of planned,  moved the cat toy box to the other side of the robovac dock and moved the cat tree from thee corner of the office where Spook had not been using it over to the wall by the sofa. She was on top for a few minutes.

The robovac is a FAIL. I put it on the rug by the front door which is all cat hair and it quickly leaves the rug to vacuum wires for the lamp or the drawstring for a sports bag on the other side of the front room. It has a zone clean feature, but the map on the phone is unreadable, and it also cannot find its way past the furniture to the zones I map. I hate to spend more $ but my regular vacuum can't brush the rugs.

More research is needed.

I've been monitoring the cat adoption pages, and the only calico showing up is about to have a leg amputated. :-(

This is dog country. Cats tend to be barn cats.

Mirror cat will have to wait.

Lots of Tivo to watch, except the two new 90 Days episodes were missing the audio track. I suspect it has something to do with there being a brief power outage this morning. I only know aout it because my one clock without a battery was flashing "8:39" at 11-something.

Sliced up the watermelon. It only filled 3 bags. Tried two slices for lunch but they were still warm so FAIL.

Salad for dinner, and a lot of liquids. Orange juice, Cola, Lime soda, Orange juice in cola. Orange juice in soda water. Thai iced tea.

PTI is back. No longer need to manually record it.

Watched TMZ and FFed through two NFL Live shows which were still reporting non-news. Dak is not signed. Lincoln is still dead.

Below Deck Med was loaded with drama. The customers were a PIA, all vegetarians plus one vegan. Chef had no clue what to do and complained early and often. This charter is not getting much of a tip. Macho smut-mouth Pete was demoted and read the riot act by the Capt and the very attractive female boson. There is a lovely love affair going between one of the deck crew and one of the stews. Nice people, deserve some [temporary] happiness.

Followed by Andy Cohen with the very attractive boson and the crew guy, who apparently is no longer with the stew. And they spoilered that Pete was kicked off the show by the producers.

Weather Channel as usual was all about the east coast and central states. Only one storm chaser was looking for [and not finding] storms, the others were playing video games or chatting about radios.

I have been avoiding sorting the family photos. HUGE task. Rubber bands on order. My first step may be just to sort them by size. That will kind of sort them by date. Kind of. I'm not even thinking about scanning them. Unless I can find a roller-drive scanner with software which auto-sizes the results. Even then it would take a month to feed them through.

Streamed from 8:30-9:30, lots of participants, the one-hour mark came quickly.

Delivered was the replacement Capitol One credit card - a network of scammers had been charging $49 subscription fees several times a month, the URLs all pointed to the same site, and they all came up not knowing my info.

Plans for tomorrow:
4 pm Skype with J
Try calling the doctor's office again.
Stay inside. I think I'm catching a cold. Maybe break out the Nyquil.

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