Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Boring Day thanks to Big Project Paralysis

Just before bedtime the Internet connection died so Google and Alexa wouldn't turn off the lights. Rebooted the cable modem and then the router. 10 minutes later we had Internet again. But the clock without a backup battery showed a momentary power loss, just enough to make it blink, but not enough to need to reset the time. This is the 2nd time this has happened, maybe I need a backup battery for the modem & router.

Up at 8, did all the morning things. One storm chaser in FL in the morning (noon his time) then one in IL in the afternoon. Watched a couple of political streamers  for a little bit, but they were not all that interesting today.

Looked at all the cats up for adoption. No mirror cats. The one calico is way out in Pahrump. I can get there in the rental car but not there and back in the Leaf.

All the cats I liked were either too young or required medical attention. Or too old - there was a nice 20-year-old, but that's longer than most cats live. I kept scrolling, but it was always the same cats. The Petsmart site harvests adoptees from all the places all over the state. No need to go anywhere else.

Sandy next door says she has a calico kitten, but I think Spook would eat it alive.

Spook has serious mats. I may need to try to clip them. Kind of scared to.

I ordered a taller water fountain for her.

She likes the new placement of the tree.

Every time I go into the bedroom I see the two boxes overflowing with photos, and don't know where to start. So I don't.

4 pm Skype with J was a disaster, she had messed up her video on a Zoom call by trying to color balance her camera by color balancing the PC. I tried to walk her though fixing it in Skype but I think she needs to do it in Zoom. We wasted 20 minutes on that, so did not get a chance to chat much.

During the call, voicemail from the doctor's assistant. I called back and she tried to give me test results but the doctor had not provided actual result numbers, just a note that blood sugar was high and to stay on my diet. But then I told her usually there's a web site, and sure enough they have one, they just never mentioned it. She gave me the URL and I logged in, but there was still no data in there. She said it may take 48 hours.  

Tivo had PTI and I also watched a couple of Match Game 74, seriously sexist, especially Gene - they always seat the sexiest panelist in the lower left position, the one Gene has to spend the most time at. Nothing else recorded - hough there are 4 more Match Games. I can't take much of those, mostly because of how unfair the questions are. Sometimes they are slam dunks but usually there's no predicting what the answers will be from the panel. And the last two shows one of the contestants didn't understand English well enough to give a good match - until one of those slam dunks came along and she won $100.

Streamed for 2 hours, there were chatters for a lot of it, but most people just lurked. And the chatters did not stay long.

Went outside to see the comet, but there was some light pollution and low clouds. Could barely make out the Big Dipper.  And there may have been trees in the way.

Another hot night coming up.

Plans for tomorrow:
Not much.  
Maybe a quick grocery trip for milk and tomatoes. Maybe.
Hope to make a start sorting photos. The rolltop desk may be a place to do it.
But I need rubber bands.

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