Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Still professionally crastinating. But now I have rubber bands

Went shopping again. Albertson's. I think I am stocked up on everything now for the next week.

Except cat kibble.

Delivered today was a bag of assorted rubber bands, which I think will help with the photo sorting project.

Also delivered, late in the day, was a new, tall water fountain for Spook which also has a larger bowl. She figured it out right away.

Heard from a mobile cat groomer, waiting to get an appointment date.

I widened my search for a female calico cat, and found one in a service which specializes in pets whose owners have been foreclosed upon. 1 year old, looks like Spook's mini-me, except short hair. They don't have a shelter, they bring the cat to Petsmart, I think on Saturdays. I filled out the adoption form, it was approved, and now they need to get me and Yahtzee and an adoption counselor together. Probably will opt for foster-to-adopt because Spook has not been kind to other cats, but also I have been too hasty to allow the new cat out of isolation.

Lunch was Ritz crackers mostly. And soda with fruit punch liquid from Kool Aide.  

For dinner I made the usual salad and then heated up a packet of frozen rice and reheated the second lamb chop on top of it. It was yummy, but a little steak sauce helped.

Only one storm chaser, but no storm. listened to a liberal political streamer taking calls from the audience. One was a drunk blonde who was entertaining and annoying.

TMZ, PTI but no match game. Watched some Weather channel and also History Channel.

Streamed from 8:30-9:30, again ran out of time. Eating dinner first is an improvement. My camera's microphones are below par, so is the camera. I may put the Chinese Logitech back. And get a mount for the good mic.

Text from the body shop that they estimate the car will be done 7/24.

Email from the doctor's office that my info was now on their web site. And it was. mostly. Not in the detail I had come to expect from Kaiser.

Plans for tomorrow:
Chat with the adoption people (?)
Use the slots in the roll-top desk to sort photos into. One slot for each sibling, one for parents, one for cousins, one for ancient/unknowns.

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