Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Caturday tomorrow and today too

I loaded the dishwasher last night but forgot to turn it on. Or maybe I decided it was too hot outside. Ran it in the slightly cooler morning.

After several communications blips on Yelp, finally got an appointment for the afternoon of the 30th for a mobile groomer to come do Spook. Cat is badly matted on her lower back, I was hoping it wouldn't get this bad.

Foreclosed Animal Rescue confirmed a meetup with Yahtzee tomorrow 5-7 pm. It's at a Petsmart clear across town. It's still on Tropicana Ave but W instead of E. Looking at the map it's due west of me, but the airport is in the way so it's a scenic drive. 30 minutes or so.

Today I sat down at the roll-top desk with one of the boxes of photos and started trying to sort, but they are so mixed it's not easy. I set up  slots for the three sisters and one for grandparents, and one for cousins, and one for older than grandparents. My parents are going on the desktop on the left and I'm on the right. But there are plenty I can't identify.

So I have ordered a scanner with a feeder which automatically crops the photos to their original size and stores them on a micro-SD card. Power comes from USB, plugged into the PC, and when it's time to upload them from the card, just switch the USB setting from power to file transfer.

Kind of expensive but I think worth it in the end.

I'll do some more sorting tomorrow, want to expedite oldest sister photos since her house fire toasted  hers. And apparently none of her 5 children kept much.

The main storm chaser found some impressive thunderheads in Bismark SD, but once again his timing was off and he missed seeing any tornadoes. Not sure if he will be out again tomorrow.

Horrible occurrence in Portland, OR, protesters being kidnapped off the street by men in camo gear and tossed into unmarked vans. Then taken to a federal courthouse and released. Apparently Federal marshals doing this. But no visible ID so who knows? It's Oregon, I would not be surprised to see armed resistance to this.

Tuna casserole and beef portabelo frozen meals today and watermelon. Mint chip ice cream too. And snacked on shortbread cookies from the keebler elves.

My 8:30 stream attracted a few chatters, ran out of time again.

Ordered a USB cassette tape player, because among the photos were two tapes, and I Goodwilled my equipment before I moved. And there is one tape with some of my own stuff which I never digitized.

I found a bunch of audio files on the PC in a format I did not recognize, dozens of them with cryptic filenames. Audacity was able to assemble them into an mp3 file, and it turns out to be a recording of my 1974 Camelot  show. Very low quality, done by an audience member from the balcony on a Radio Shack special. But still I sounded better than I remember.

Plans for tomorrow:
Photo sorting
Storm chase following
Maybe wash a load of shirts

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