Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Photo sorting day, cat adoption FAIL, IRS refund FINALLY!

Last things first - I just downloaded into Quicken, and my tax refund was finally there! I had filed Feb. 1. They gave me $61 more than TurbnoTax said I was owed. Maybe now I'll get the pandemic subsidy. But I doubt it.

I'll wait to see how much I will owe for the car repairs, but now I think I have enough to replace the screen doors and install a keypad lock on carport door.

Speaking of insurance, the car insurance sent me a letter saying they will be charging me a few dollars less per month. That's a surprise.

My property tax bill arrived today too. $156. For the whole year.

Went to the mailbox this morning before breakfast because there was a package, but it turned out to only be a spare box to return 2 empty sodastream cartridges. Another pair should be on its way.

Sorted photos all day. Finished the first and smaller of two boxes. The roll-top desk is a great place to do this, lots of slots and a few drawers and a wide surface. I'm sorting in what to me are intuitive family groups. From left to right:

oldest sister -- middle sister -- youngest sister-- me-- grandparents-- ancient unknown pix-- cousins

Parents are in the top left drawer. 

The box is in the middle of the surface, to the left are pix which I can't identify and to the right is postcards and scenic shots with no people in them.

I'm favoring oldest sister, so any photos of parents/grandparents/siblings with her or her brood in them go into her slot. Her house caught fire and I know her wedding photos were toasted but maybe also many of these others.

The next step is to run them through a scanner (due to arrive in a couple of days), copy them to my PC and put them online. Or something.

So far no sister wedding photos except their thank you postcard to the grands. Tons of photos of her children's weddings.

Quit sorting at 4:15, got in the car at 4:30 and headed for what the map said was a half-hour drive to the PetSmart where Yahtzee was waiting to be adopted. Lots of stop lights and slow traffic and road work made for a 50-minute drive. Despite being 15 minutes late, the volunteer who was supposed to help was not there. I texted her and then when there was no answer I texted the adoption agency, but then a couple of volunteers showed up and let me into the back room where they opened Yahtzee's cage for me.

The cat was terrified. Did not want to have anything to do with me. Did not want to be petted. Hyperventilated, crushed herself against the glass on the opposite side.  After about 10 minutes of this I gave up. She has only been in the cage a day, and went through all the medical stuff but she just flat out was scared of me.

I did some shopping, needed kibble and bought a little bed for Spook and an undercoat rake.

Home, it was after 6. 90 Day Fiance teaser, PTI, TMZ, Match Game 74. The one storm chaser online did not have a storm to chase. Watched some streams of Portland protests. The Feds screwed things up royally last night, and are lucky the protesters are not showing up with AR-15s.

Spook yelled at me to brush her, I used the rake and got tons of undercoat, but she was not onboard with being de-matted.

Youngest sister called, made it a video call and showed me her massive garden.

Lasagna for dinner, streamed for an hour, again had chatters.

Plans for tomorrow:
More photo sorting
More streamers
More trashy TV

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