Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Buying Stuff

The morning started with thunder. No lightning. No rain hit the ground but I could see rain falling out toward the south. Tried to stream, but the Samsung was out of charge, I had left it on and unplugged. I thought it was off. Streamed from the Pixel, but after 10 minutes there was nothing to show.

Lead storm chaser had the same luck today. He chased a radar signal for hours but the action was behind him. He needs a better spotter. There's a guy who looks like he has all the equipment & qualifications,  & experience, but he keeps sending the chaser to the wrong places.

More photo sorting. Maybe halfway through the second box. Way too many photos of big sister's ginormous clan. Took them out of the slot and rubber banded them into two clumps, and put them in a drawer. And started adding more to the slot.

Spook has been acting very assertive. She claws at my computer chair and yells at me, leads me to the recliner so I can put out the foot rest and brush her. She has a love-hate thing going with the undercoat rake.

Wearing a dashiki, which is a minor PIA because when I make a pit stop I have to take it off. Pants and belt have to be under it. The pockets are at the bottom so I have to empty them first.

Watched the last 3 Match Game 74s I'd rerecorded. Not recording any more of them.

Lunch was a tuna casserole with a lot of added cheeses, dinner the last of the duck from the freezer on a slice of sourdough. And watermelon.

Streamed for an hour, lots of trolls.

Delivered was the cassette to USB player, tried three tapes, but it was a FAIL, loud thumping coming from the device onto the audio track. That's going back, I have a different brand coming from Staples.

Also delivered was the phone holder for the car, this time not a charger. I should be able to rig it to the arm which attaches to the passenger headrest mount.

Spook likes the upside-down bed I got her but she's twice as big as it is, and she finally gave up on it and went back to the plastic duffel bag. I'll look for something cool and plastic for her.

The remote control light bulbs are going back, they don't work with SmartThings, so I can't program them to work with motion sensors. I've ordered three sets of ones which will work.

I also ordered slippers to replace the ones I've been wearing out since my move. And I bit the bullet, and after much research ordered a podcaster mic kit, complete with clamp-to-desk extension arm and pop filter. The hard part was finding one which published its frequency response numbers, and the harder part was not insisting on CD quality for that, because bit rate is more important for streaming.

And straws. Big paper ones.

Took the garbage bins out. Looked for the comet but there's too much light pollution in the NW. However in the SE there are three bright planets, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn I think. Venus must be in there too.

Plans for tomorrow:
More photo sorting
P/U prescriptions at Walmart + minor grocery shopping
UPS store to return Amazon stuff

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