Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

UPS Amazon return, A visit to the shelter, Walmart FAIL, streaming

Spook was acting strange this morning. My 6 am pit stop, when I got back in bed she jumped up on the bed and walked along the space between me and the edge, and then jumped over to the other side, groomed herself for a bit, then repeat. Then into the shower. I fell asleep but when I woke up she came out from under the bed.

She has been camping out in the guest bathroom doorway. Keeping an eye on the guest room.

Smoke alarm in the livingroom was chirping, replaced the battery.

Called the shelter, got a 2 pm appointment to see Jade (blue eyed sealpoint Siamese).

UPS store, dropped off two out of three sets of wi-fi light bulbs, cassette player, gooseneck phone holder. Clerk seemed unfamiliar with the new many orders - one box concept. 

Amazon delivery van, rang the bell this time. A pair of slippers to replace the ones I've worn out, 3 sets of better wi-fi light bulbs.  

I installed three bulbs in the dining room and set up a sensor to turn them on and off. Yay! But the lights kept turning on and off - I had to remove the old bulbs from the Google Home software.

Got to the shelter 15 minutes early, they did not open up till 2. I knew that, but having us wait outside was rude. 110°. I'm getting used to it.

Finally got to see Jade. She loved me, but she is so tiny! Spook would eat her as a snack. She also did not get along with the cat in the next cage, so not a good match for me. Tempted to adopt the other cat, who is part calico, but she started the fight, and has a history of being returned.

So next stop, Walmart. The place has been turned into a fortress. The entrance which is closest to the pharmacy is suddenly an emergency exit only, and the one open entrance at the far end has a barricade going the wrong direction so it was about a half mile walk to get inside. I picked up my meds and left. No more Walmart for me. I'll have my prescriptions transferred and do my shopping at the supermarkets.

Got a call from the body shop, the car is being painted, they are waiting for one part, which they expect to get Friday. That's only one day later than originally estimated, but if they don't make it then they are closed on weekends so it might not be this week.

Got home sweating bullets, 4 Eggos for lunch, leftover chicken for dinner.

Finally finished sorting the photos. Whew!

One storm chaser was in WY and he had a great view of a storm, but his guide sent him elsewhere, and we missed some great action.

Lots of streamers covering the Portland protests, which have gotten more steam thanks to 45's stupid gestapo tactics. Pelosi - there's no rule against impeaching a president twice.

I streamed for an hour, several regulars joined, and a couple of new folks. One guy thought he was a troll, but his attempts were so lame I ignored them.

Watched 90 Day talk-back. Big Ed knows what he did wrong. Rose doesn't know what a jerk she is. I want more Yolanda. And less David.

Plans for tomorrow:
Home Depot, schedule removal of the toilet and install the American Standard model I had in Sunnyvale. Original plumber gave me the cheapest one there is, instead of what I asked for.
Albertson's - salad greens, fresh fruit, cooking sherry(?)
Lots on Tivo to watch
Set up the new wi-fi bulbs in the guest room.

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