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When's Day more toilet

Listening to Sesame Street from probably 1971 or so. Delivered was a Jensen USB cassette player, transferring a tape to the PC using Goldwave. The player came with Audacity, but I don't like that as much.

The tape starts with selections from a Theodore Bikel album. More surprises in store The label from the original cassette says HAIR is next. The other side is Israeli radio from 1978 and my processional played by the UW wind sinfonietta - the main reason I rescued the tape. The original cassette lost its foam piece which holds the tape against the head. So I mounted the tape in a new cassette.

Or I think that's the story.

This morning after breakfast & FB I drove to the PO and dropped off the dead phone. Prepaid return label, they said they would credit my card with a refund.

Then to Home Depot, they don't stock the round version of the toilet I wanted so I got the elongated one. The same plumbing company will install it. Hopefully they will call tomorrow to set a date.

Then to Albertson's, got salad greens, but they didn't have any cut fruit or watermelons. I got cooking sherry, and a week's worth of small frozen meals. And OJ, milk, sunflower seed kernels and chocolate.

Home, put stuff away.

Tivo, 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way was supremely annoying. None of the Americans had a single clue about the culture of the countries they had moved to. Who moves to Mexico not liking spicy food, or knowing a single word of Spanish? What woman moves to Jordan wearing braces on her teeth?

PTI is back but Tony refuses to go into the studio. Below Deck Med crew is having a meltdown. Chef is from Brazil, he has no clue about vegetarian or vegan food. Which is all the clients wanted this time. Chief stew isn't coping well now that former chief stew was brought on board to replace 2nd stew. Third stew has a finger in a cast. Capt. Sandy is exasperated.

Streamed for an hour. Troller baby visited during the last 10 minutes. Banned him 3 times. Otherwise had some good chats going. My mod bot kept timing people out and baning them for no good reason. It was not following my settings.

USPS said there was a package and some mail from my insurance company so I drove to the mailbox. No package, but two envelopes from Met Life. One was a $150 good driver bonus check. The other was for just under $8k to pay for the repairs. I suspect the other driver was found to be at fault. I'm expecting a bill for the $500 deductible, so these are a surprise.

Hopefully the car will be ready Friday, and they will have repaired the two dings in the back as well as the accident damage.

Plans for tomorrow:
More cassette recording
Maybe start scanning photos (if scanner arrives)

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