Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy stay at home day

Did not leave the house except to bring packages inside. Today's haul:

Another Jensen USB cassette player, from Staples, which they said would take a week but didn't.
B complex vitamins
A 4-pack of Old Spice Body Wash (very heavy package)
Replacement handle for fridge door
Pet cooling mat

A delivery from Jokey was sent by mistake to my old address! USPS did the delivery 7/17, they ought to have forwarded it by now.

Ordered some syrups from SodaStream, they are out of all the diet ones except cola. Also some from Amazon, I think.

All the cats I saw recently are off of th adoptable list. No new calicoes.

Did not hear from the body shop or the plumber. :-(

No storm chasers.  Late night Portland protest streams but nothing during the day.

Tivo had TMZ, PTI, NFL Live

No scanner yet, but I digitized all the cassette tapes. The Jensen works great, but the Israeli tapes were very low volume. Had to massage them a lot.

Napped from 4-5:30

Removed the broken fridge handle and installed the new one. Had to order the part which hides the screws (I didn't know one of them was broken). Cosmetic only, the handle works fine.

Streamed 8:30-9:30, no troll but a few regulars.

NYC cousin sent some childhood pix of me and my sisters from his late mother's collection, some were not in my parents' pile.

There's an episode of Love Resort to watch tomorrow.And one more NFL Live.

Spook has not taken to the cooling mat. Yet. She still prefers the too-small cat bed and the duffel bag cover. Go figure. Give her time, though, She is major matted, groomer is not due till the 30th.
For lunch, spaghetti & meatballs. Buddy Boy's chocolate answer to It'sIt.  Salisbury steak & mashed for dinner. Mint chip ice cream.

Plans for tomorrow:
Hopefully the car will be done
If not, call Enterprise and ask for a Kicks instead of the Sentra, because I'll be in the rental all weekend.
Take a brush to the passenger seat of the Sentra, where a Snickers bar left a smudge.
Break down several boxes and put recycle stuff into the bin


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