Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Friday car not done, scanner showed up late

Unusual breakfast - out of bananas so hb egg and grapes.

Here and there I've been finding chunks of Spook's matted hair - on the floor and on the cat trees. That's good, she's trying. She still won't lie on the cooler mat, she prefers the duffel bag cover. Actually it is a carrying bag for a canopy. She did spend some time on the cat tree, curled up in the little house. And on the top of the platform on the porch side of the front room.

Delivered to the storage box at the mailboxes was a pair of bottles of organic ginger ale syrup, which SodaStream has been pushing, but it doesn't taste like ginger ale. Did not get to scanning photos because the scanner didn't arrive till 8 pm.

Another notice from Met Life -- my rates stay the same next year.

Spent an hour on the phone with Express Scripts moving all my prescriptions out of Walmart to them. Sent email to PCP with the new pharmacy info and asking for prescriptions for my diabetes supplies. Got a response to both those saying it'll be ordered next week. Also updated the pharmacy on the cardiologist site.

There are still some duplicate prescriptions on Walmart, I'll leave them there for now. They don't do home delivery, express scripts does. Walmart has restructured their store entrances to make it too much of a chore to get to the pharmacy.

No storm chasers, but lots of protest action around the country.

I only left the house once to get the mail.

Tivo had TMZ and NFL Live, the latter of which I will nuke because they don't have any news anymore. And then they have 4 people each analyze the non-news, one at a time.

PTI was pre-empted by a baseball game. No fans in the stands, but unlike the other sports, fans in the stands doesn't matter in baseball. They are too far from the players and are mostly there to drink beer and eat overpriced alleged food. And wander around. Baseball is 90% pitching, 1% base hits/homers and the rest is waiting for the next batter/pitcher/change of sides.

Ordered groceries from Von's - Albertson's doesn't deliver. Due here around noon tomorrow. Bananas + $75 of stuff.

Plumber called, we scheduled for Tuesday 12-2 window.

Edit add
My Roborok vacuum has gone insane. Instead of spot cleaning where I sent it, it wanders off well out of the zone. Then it says it can't find the dock, which is line of sight 10 feet away. I picked it up and moved it directly in front of the dock, 3 feet away and told it to dock, but insead it went the other direction, So I tried again and this time it made love to the sheepskin rug.
I've ordered a Roomba i7                       .

Plans for tomorrow:
Set up the scanner and scan
Wait for Von's delivery
Maybe call for a nail appointment
Continue the cat search. Boots is back on the adoptable page. Hmmm.
There should be storm chasers and protests to watch.

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