Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Early groc delivery, scanner FAIL, TX storm chaser and hurricane Hannah, Boots

8 am alarm did not happen because Cox cable Internet went down. If I really needed a reliable alarm I could set one on my phone or the bathroom clock radio. The lights came on at 8:30, and there was email from Von's that instead of the noon-2 pm  delivery I asked for they would deliver between 10 and noon.

So I got dressed quickly, and glad I did because he showed up 15 minutes early. Miraculously he delivered all but one item, a package of store-baked chocolate dipped shortbread cookies. Not surprised they were out of them. But he got a watermelon, cantaloupe, strawberries, two other kinds of cookies, Kool Aid sugar-free liquid, and bananas. And four lamb shoulder steaks. Since I have cooking sherry. And another big bag of Galbani string cheese.

Hooked up the scanner, but it didn't work. The USB connection only dumps the image into the Windows clipboard, it doesn't create a file. The default save-to micro-SD is PDF and I couldn't get it to change to JPG. The controls on the top of the machine just don't work as the manual describes. B&W older photos stop mid-scan. Not a jam, a sensor issue. So I have found a Canon front-feed scanner which uses similar software, I think, to my Canon flatbed. On order. It is duplex, scans both sides of the image. Handy for pix with IDs on the back.

A Texas storm chaser was at Port Madison waiting for Hurricane Hannah. It took 2 hours to reach him (he doesn't know how to read the NOAA hurricane map) but when it hit it hit hard, and lasted all afternoon. The eye went right over him but he didn't recognize it. How can a storm chaser not know that when it gets all calm in the middle of a hurricane, that's the eye?

From time to time I looked at protest streams. Chicago didn't get going till evening. Lexington, KY had a very small one, Seattle was big, Portland is huge. Portland's  legal team posted a "remove this" notice on the fence in front of the Federal courthouse - it blocked the bike lane and went up without a permit. It hasn't been taken down, though.

Spook is getting more vocal, and more clawful and looking for more attention. We played with her fishing rod toy for a while, she really got into it. And she yelled to be brushed. And she now lets me brush her back, as long as I don't go too far back where the big mats are.

Checking the adoption pages, Jade is gone but Boots is still there. She's a "torbie" which is kind of a calico-tabby mix. If she's still there Monday I may adopt her. Depends on the car timing. I'd prefer to get her in my car, which is not far from the shelter. It also depends on when I can get an adoption appointment.

More organic syrup was delivered to my mailbox, I will get it in the morning.

Lunch was some small frozen meal, dinner did not happen. Instead I watch Epoch on IMDB on Amazon Fire.** Had a snack, though, of sourdough bread with melted margarine.
**looked up the leading lady, who was excellent, but she drank herself to death 52 years old. Her last acting gig was 10 years earlier.

I streamed from 8:30-9:30, one local chatter and one from Venezuela.

Ordered a large stuffed panda for bedtime.

And compression socks.

Plans for tomorrow:
Get the mail
Maybe iron the Hawaiian shirts
Watch storm chasers and protests.

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