Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Sunday Roombah FAIL, bored - streamed twice. Modem issues

First thing was a trip to the mailbox, another bottle of organic syrup. Raspberry. Unsweetened, tasted like piss. Will stick to Kool Aid & Italian soda flavors & OJ. Another spam mail from AARP.

Roomba special delivery by USPS, spent all day trying to connect it to the network, factory reset got me connected but it's a refurb and it's already registered to someone else. iRobot won't allow more than one account using it. FAIL.

Express scripts is complaining that it needs all new prescriptions, which it doesn't. It should have been a simple xfer. FAIL

Doctor's office wants me to call the corp billing department about a bill they should have sent to Cigna. FAIL

We had some clouds today, it helped cool things down a little.

Lunch ? Something small and frozen. Cantaloupe.

I was so bored I streamed an extra hour in the afternoon. A couple of chatters showed up. 

Dinner - meatloaf and mashed. Strawberries and cream.

No changes to the cats up for adoption, but notice one named MeowMeow which is a B&W calico. I'll keep hoping for Boots. Torbies are rare and part calico part tabby.

Streamed 8:30-9:30.

Waiting on a Canon photo scanner.

Hope the car will be done tomorrow. Toilet replacement Tuesday, Cat grooming Thursday.

Spook has been all over the place but she has the drill down on demanding I brush her. I love that she hops onto the recliner foot rest for that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wait for body shop call
The rest of the day hinges on that.
Call billing

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