Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Monday Nofun Day

Up at 7, Spook was shower cat. Back to bed till 9, she left when I brushed my teeth. She was everywhere today.

The usual morning routine, called the doctor's billing department, it went to "leave your number, we'll get back to you" I did but they didn't. I probably left enough info that they don't need to.

Boots is no longer on the adoption menu :-(

Called the body shop, my rep was not working, they had no clue. About 5 pm a tech called and said they are waiting on a pair of 19¢ clips, it should be done tomorrow or Wednesday.

Plumber confirmed 12-2 pm window tomorrow.

Delivered to the PO boxes: 3 pairs of compression socks & a 40" plush panda. Picked those up around 10:30 pm when it got cooler. Also took in the garbage bins.

Delivered earlier was an Arris Surfboard cable modem. I had beta tested an earlier model when I worked at Arris. Surfboard is Motorola's trademark, but Arris completely redesigned the modem, and it is smaller and faster and less prone to overheating. Major redesign improvement.

Cox doesn't have phone tech support so I had to wait 10 minutes for chat support on my phone to get the modem activated. (no Internet, needed to use data). The chat box on the phone was awkward but we got it to work. Tech knew her stuff.

Ordered 3 sandwiches and some chips from Capriotti's, they advertise a lot on local TV. Set a 7 pm delivery time, Door Dash delivered 15 minutes early. I had the Waygu beef cheesesteak for dinner. The beef was excellent, so was everything else inside, but the roll was narrow and soggy. I have a pastrami sandwich and a sausage sandwich in the fridge. The chips were okay, still have 3/4 of a bag left.

I wasted too much of the day trying to get the Roomba to work. Finally called iRobot support, 20 minute wait but good tech - she couldn't understand why a factory reset didn't let me connect, so I gave her the serial number and it seems this unit has been registered 42 times. The first one wins, and only the original owner can free it. iRobot can't see the owner info. So, packaged it up and got an RMA from Amazon. Ordered a new one directly from iRobot.

Also delivered was the Canon scanner. Its software is non-intuitive but once I stumbled on the settings I was able to set it up almost the way I wanted. It has a center feed, with guide brackets on both sides, easily adjusted for different photo sizes, but an edge feed would have been better.

If it does 2-sided I haven't found that yet, but I scanned a dozen photos of various sizes as JPGs, to a folder on the PC. Ordered a USB extension cable so I could place the scanner in a more convenient location.

Come to think of it, I can put it on a tray table.

Watched 90 Day - pillow Talk. It's very entertaining. successful 90 day couples critique and badmouth the current contestants.

Nuked NFL Live.

BASFA zoom meting 8-8:30
Streamed 8:45-9:30

Last night I watched a lot of the protests in Portland. The feds are out of their minds. They need to go home. Portland folks are smart, they use lacrosse sticks to catch tear gas cannisters and lob them back. Industrial fans and leafblowers disperse the gas back into the feds' faces. Plastic shields pushed up against the fence block the rubber bullets and gas cannisters. laser pens annoy them.  And now the feds are targeting medics and reporters. This is what the 1st, 2nd and 4th amendments are supposed to  prevent.

Plans for tomorrow:
Toilet install noon-ish
Car may be done in the afternoon
Ask about a cat named MeowMeow who looks like a B&W calico

And now Cox Internet/TV is down. Scared me I thought it was the modem.
Back on in 20 minutes

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