Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Car still not ready, lots of photo scanning

Turns out the Canon scanner has a feeder which can take 5 photos at a time, and scans them pretty quickly. Most of my time was spent making piles of same-sized photos because the scanner is finicky about the width of the picture matching the guides. Easy to move the guides, but it goes a lot faster loading 5 of the same width photos in at a time. Big sister's 591 photos took about 3 hours. Middle sister's 193 took maybe an hour because there were 17 different sizes. OCD me separated portrait from landscape, which doubled the number of sizes. Little sister's will be done tomorrow. Not a lot of them. All the images will fit easily on a 4GB usb drive.
No call from the body shop rep. I called at 11:30, he was out to lunch. He called back with the bad news that Nissan was finding stuff on the car to tweak - mostly software. Second call said they won't be done till tomorrow.

Postman banged on my door with that long lost Jockey order which had been forwarded from Sunnyvale. $4.05 postage due. I didn't have exact change or a check, so I'll pick it up from the PO tomorrow.  I can drop off a couple of empty CO2 cartridges while I'm at it, and maybe the RMA for the first scanner.  think I have a flat rate box which will fit, maybe.

Note 10 from Uptrade arrived. Charged it, put in the Verizon SIM and a 32GB SD card. It works. Tried a Streamlabs stream, and it did okay.

Tried to put on the compression socks, but I can't reach.

Also delivered was Spook's new big bed, which she tried out for about half an hour before doing a tour of all her other favorite parking places. She also got played with and brushed.

Mobile groomer was supposed to be here tomorrow, but she didn't send the promised confirmation message, and didn't reply to my ping. If she's a no-show I'll call a pet "Spaw" across the way and find out how backed up they are.

In other cat news "MeowMeow" is not a B&W calico but she's a 9-lb 3 year old fostering with a couple of other cats. Had a zoom meeting with the foster-er, cat looks very calm, after being extracted from under the bed, and likes her human. Tomorrow I'll contact the adoption agency and get the ball rolling. We are thinking Tuesday, when foster woman is closer to my neighborhood visiting a friend. And I'll hopefully have my own car back.

Lasagna for lunch, the other half of the pastrami sandwich for dinner.

Watched 90 Day The Other Way, Gay couple in Mexico isn't going to last. Gringo is way too much out of his element. American woman in Jordan isn't going to be allowed to marry her guy. She has no idea how 5th class citizen she is there. She really needs to go back to USA. Nympho slut's momma is about to haul her daughter's fine ass out of Korea. Big Tim will probably find someone else in Columbia to go K-1 with, his ex is being hard nosed about him cheating on her 1,000 miles away.

Also watched Below Deck Med. They did not show the traditional images of the cast. The chef and the chief stew look like they are both on the chopping block, and the company has already axed one of the deck hands. Capt. Sandy has gone all micro-manager, especially on the Chef, who has been a disaster since day one. She probably will let the 3rd stew go - even with her finger healed she is a slacker. The guests, at least,  are a hoot this time. Boson looked fine rescuing a guest from a flipped water ski. Great diving form.

Streamed for an hour, the usual suspect was chatting.

I seriously need my nails done

Plans for tomorrow:
Photo scanning till 1. If no mobile groomer shows up call a brick & mortar groomer. The mobile ones are booked for months.
If the car is ready, fuel the rental and bring it back to the body shop, remember to bring the check from insurance.
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