Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I have my car back, kind of. Photos scanned, Spook groomed and de-matted

Spook woke me up a 8:30, I guess the alarm did not go off at 8. The bedroom lights should have been on but they weren't. Spook was on the bed, pawing at me.

Morning: scanned photos of parents from the big pile, the last 50 or so went slowly since they were all different sizes and has been Scotch taped into scrapbooks with the tape on top of the corners of the photos. Scissors time. :-(

Annoying because the folks used to use photo corners in their scrapbooks but decided to take select special photos out of those books and tape them randomly into other black construction paper pages. No idea which 'rent or why. Could have been grandparents.

Pet groomer arrived right on time at 1 pm, bathed Spook and shaved off the mats but left most of her fur on. Her calico pattern is on her skin under the fur, that was a surprise.

Racing stripe?

It only took 20 minutes. Hmmm.

Spook avoided me for a while, then wanted me to leave the PC and play, and when I didn't she rooted around in her toy box and threw one of her bigger toys out of the box and into the livingroom a couple of feet away. And then laid down beside it, not playing with it. After a while she hinted that she wanted to climb onto the recliner foot rest and be brushed so we did that.

She continues to be "anywhere cat".

Body shop rep called, he was going to Nissan to get my car, it would be ready by 4. I got there at 4:15, it was ready, sort of. They had not fixed the non-accident scrapes which I had asked them to do. The tires had not been inflated they were at 4 different psi levels. The car drifts to the right. And it only had a 25% charge (it had 63% when I dropped it off). Blame Nissan, they should have put it on a fast charger for half an hour.

I left feedback about all this. I can pump up the tires, but I'm worried about the battery level. I charged it, and will do some driving tomorrow. Need to go to the PO. My nails need work too.

Albertson's on my way home for bananas, milk,  OJ and post-its. And frozen lunches.

My weight this morning was satanic

I have named the stuffed panda Panda Mick.

Stole the idea from TMZ.

No Tivo today, flipped between TWC and History Channel.

One storm chaser. But I caught him too late for anything except his drive through a lightning storm. He's hurricane chasing the next few days. Portland protests continue to be streamed. No tear gas yet.

Streamed 8:30-9:30,  one chatter from the daily drive, which I stopped watching. She said the daily drive guy was kicked off the storm chaser team for some rude things he posted on FB. Does not surprise me. She implied they were alcohol inspired.

Boxed up two CO2 cartridges for snailmail exchange. Also put the cheap scanner into a flat rate box and applied appropriate postage.

Made appointments for driver's license and car registration. Earliest available was October 19.

Indian pimp called with a possible job in LV. Difficult to understand her accent. Irony: she called back asking me to change my resume to delete the "US Citizen" and "Native speaker of American English" lines. I told her no. And to tell her boss, who made her call me about this, that he's out of line.  

Plans for tomorrow:
Post Office. Drop off the packages and pick up the Jockey package.
Drive down the Boulder Hwy till the battery tells me to turn around and go home
Laundry - cutoffs and bath towel
Scan grandparents' photos

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