Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy day waiting in lines

Woken up by a call from the support guy at Uptrade, he needed the PIN to unlock the Galaxy 9. He was able to get it to take a full charge. Unlocked, factory reset and he processed a refund.

After breakfast & a quick check of FB, it was off to the PO with a soda cartridge return, scanner RMA and the claim tag for the postage due jockey package. 10 minutes in the line for pickups before I was able to see the sign "no monetary transactions". Another 15 minutes in the main line, got a tracking number for the RMA but she sent me back to the pickup queue. Another 5 minutes waiting for chatty customers ahead of me and then was sent back to the main desk to wait 10 minutes behind some child who was paying in 300 pennies. Which the clerk had to hand count. Another clerk saved me - he grabbed the postage due bag and took my $$.

On the way home, pulled into the AM drive-up line, 20 minutes there because only one of the 2 machines was working. And two cars ahead of me the customer kept getting her PIN rejected.

Home, email from the adoption agency with 2 forms to fill out, scan and return.  One for the agency and one for PetCo which apparently processes the $. Hope to hear soon about logistics. Sent the tracking number to the scanner company, and they issued a refund.

Scanned the grandparents' photos. Lots of duplicates. I'll have to work on that. Had to use the flatbed scanner on a few big photos which are mounted on board or permanently  in frames. Like this one of mom's mom at 6:

4 pm nail appointment at Nail Envy, the first place I'd gone to in March. Instead of a pretty woman, they were overbooked so the man who usually just answers the phone did my nails - being interrupted every 3 minutes to answer the phone and greet customers. Mediocre job, rushed, one more place to cross off my list. There's a place next door to the ATM, I'll see what Yelp has to say about it.

Spook has been parking herself mostly in the little house on the cat tree, but also all over the place. Odd spots on the floor. But she also is making a point of grooming herself again. She yelled at me to brush her - twice.

Watched one more episode of Lost Resort,  it continues to not have a structure. The healers all strike me as frauds, especially the woman who is head "shaman". Not a lot of traction on Twitter.

One storm chaser is en route to FL.

Put 17 miles on the car, it used 16% of battery, which seems a bit too much. I'll try a longer drive tomorrow.

Solved the mystery of pulling to the right - there's a stay in your lane feature. If you're not signaling to change lanes it steers you back to the center of your lane. I tend to drive to the left of center. Tires are staying at the same psi, I should bring the car to a tire shop for a checkup and fill.

TWC has been following the next hurricane which they think will plow into SE FL and then up the coast.

Turkey tetrazinni for lunch, half a sausage sub for dinner. Watermelon lunch dessert then strawberries and cream after dinner.

Streamed for an hour, one local and two from Chile in chat.

Ran the towels through the dryer, will wait till morning to do the cutoffs.

Ordered a new pair of Tevas. They no longer make the model I have worn out. But the new one comes close.

Plans for tomorrow:
Cutoffs --> dryer
Scan cousins' photos
Go for a drive, try to set up the Note 10 for streaming. Need to find a place to mount it.

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