Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

August Fools Day

This month's calendar photo is a fence post lizard.

Up at 7, Spook jumped on the bed, groomed herself for a nanosecond and became shower cat. 8 am alarm, I fell into the tablet video rabbit hole till almost 11. Kicked Spook out of the shower.

Email from the animal adoption person that $50 donation would complete the paperwork. Foster person is busy today writing a last-minute master's thesis, so I will go up to her place way north at 1 tomorrow and pick up Meow Meow. I expect she will also hand off some paperwork.

A new calico appeared at the local shelter, but she's only 8 weeks old. They have her incorrectly labeled as a tortie.

Posted a photo yesterday of maternal grandmother at 6, all gussied up, professional studio pic. Much discussion from many people. Surprise phone call from my eldest cousin, I don't think we have talked on the phone in decades. He told me that whatever I thought I knew about our mutual grandmother is wrong, even the things I know are right. His sister in law has been doing the Ancestry thing, and found the ship's manifest with grandmother's name on it, and her little brother. I thought grandma had been born in the USA, but no, she came here when she was 6. Or 8. We know her brother Willie was 2 - his birth name was Wolfe (news to me) and was changed by the immigration officer.  

Scanned all the cousin photos (aunts, uncles, family friends, etc.) 203 of them. The last 50 or so had to go in one by one because they were tiny or has Scotch tape on them. I needed the flatbed for a couple which were mounted on boards. Posted one which is identity unknown, it's a postcard - common way to print photos in the 1930's.

Nothing on the photo to identify it. Makes me think of a Science Fiction story, Her Pilgrim Soul, about a scientist who researches holographic imaging. One day a mysterious "living" holograph, apparently a woman long dead, appears and changes his life forever. Original story by Alan Brennert. Is she looking at me?

The next scan will be ancient unidentified photos. Probably the most interesting of the lot.

Laundered my jeans shorts which is all I wear for pants anymore, and only own 4 usable ones. Ordered 5 more.

J emailed, we'll try to skype tomorrow at 4, hopefully I'll have the new cat safely in the guest room. I put food and a water fountain in there, and the spare electronic litterbox. Cat tree is already in there, I threw in a fleece blanket. Spook is lying in her too-small bed, so I won't steal that. But I think it's time to move the spare recliner in there.

Spook has been at the guest room door every time I opened it to come out.

Watched too much TWC, predicting dire things from a tropical storm. The headline says it is "barreling" toward the coast, but it's crawling. It probably won't develop into a hurricane, but they need to spread the fear.

For lunch there was sesame chicken and dinner was the last half of the last Capriotti's sub. Not very good, those, even Subway does better. There are no Togos in LV. :-(

Charged the car.

Watched TMZ and a 90 Day teaser. One American guy who had moved to Brazil to be with his wife & kid moved them back to the States thinking he could get a job easily, but he forgot he has a criminal record. Violence and theft. Apparently his wife ran out on him and he set ICE after her. Douche bag.

Streamed for an hour, one chatter from Europe, a couple of lurkers. None of my regulars.

One storm chaser is in FL by the coast, a day too early. It does not look like it will be much of a storm where he is parked.

Plans for tomorrow:
Scan some old photos
noon - drive north with the cat carrier. First clean off the front seat and put the bike rack in the shed.
Pick up Meow Meow and bring her home
Sneak her into the guest room and stay with her till she settles in
4 pm skype with J
stream at 8:30

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