Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I can haz another cat

Finished the last of the family photo scanning. 1500+ images. Tried to transfer them to the USB drive I got on sale, but the drives are junk. Had to order better ones. When they arrive will load all the photos on several of them, and mail them to the usual suspects.

Left at noon for my 1 pm cat pickup. It did take 50 minutes, and was a grand tour of Las Vegas, bypassing the Strip. Once again my car GPS had me turn one block too soon. so when I texted the foster person she said she didn't see me. I had to drive back to the corner to see I was on the wrong street. The houses in the tract all look the same, including the house numbers.

Foster Mom Michelle is gorgeous. Very beautiful multicolored eyes. And so on. She's a nurse taking a master's degree course in administration. Her teenage daughter has the same name as my oldest sister. And braces like she did too. They had the cat already in a carrier (Michelle had texted me they had a spare one).

50 minutes to get home, 102° outside, air conditioning pooped out a couple of times but just turning it off and back on brought it back.

Meow Meow lived up to her name for about the first 5 minutes, then went quiet till we got to the mobile home park.

I carried her around to the front door to avoid Spook, took her into the guest room, closed the door and opened the carrier and she went straight to the recliner and hid behind it. I let her be for an hour, came back and checked - she was under the recliner, not behind it. I shooed her out of there and she walked around the room, sniffed at the cat tree but ignored everything else, and went back under the recliner. She likes to hide so her new name is Heidi.

Skyped with J for an hour.

Grabbed a webcam from the shed and set it up to have a view of the room, including preset points to her water, food, litterbox and cat tree.

Posted a lot on FB, dinner was a meatloaf and mashed meal. Watched 1 hour of 90 Day, checked the webcam and Heidi was lying in front of the door. Spook was lying on the other side of the door. But they were both just observing.

Later, Heidi made it up onto the cat tree

Spook isn't acting as strange as I thought she would. She did beg to be brushed but did not stay long.

Took out the garbage. Lots of boxes to break down - not today.

Adoption agency sent vaccination and spay docs, she will snailmail the microchip and health docs.

The car battery did well. 72% left 36 miles driven.

Plans for tomorrow:
Try to spend time with Heidi. Hope she will be more social
BASFA zoom meeting
Do some laundry
Finish watching 90 Day
Maybe take the car to the tire shop


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