Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Heidi Cat In and out of hiding

There was no sign of Heidi on the webcam, so I figure she is under the recliner until it gets dark outside. I went into the room after I got dressed but she didn't come out. There's a motion sensor at shoulder height so the lights go on when I come in, but she doesn't trip it.

Spook was on her tree, which I had moved so it's against the wall instead of the window slats. She no longer makes a loud BANG when she jumps up there. I also moved her toy box so she dug inside it a little.

For the first time in weeks there was no photo sorting/scanning. I'm done. Unless I want to do the postcards.

Spook has been grooming herself a lot more lately, but that's a result of having been bathed and de-matted, not because there's another cat in the place.

Three storm chasers went to Myrtle Beach, SC and two managed to miss the hurricane. The third drove out closer to the islands and got some heavy rain.

Shot up too much fast acting insulin before breakfast and again before lunch (tuna casserole) so about 3 pm I was at 71, dragging, ate my last 2 Klondike bars. And fell asleep in the recliner.

Watched 90 Day, and some of Pillow Talk before I crashed.  

For dinner I cut up and defrosted two turkey franks, added them to a can of baked beans with bacon, and nuked the whole thing. Watermelon for dessert. It's starting to ferment.

8 pm Zoom meeting with BASFA, well attended and it lasted the full hour. Webcam showed Heidi in front of the door, so after the meeting I went in the guest room, pulled up a chair and introduced myself. She likes being petted. She has a thing for my toes. But she's a bit wary, let me pick her up and put her on my lap, purred but she didn't stay.

She had no interest in the food or water, was curious about the litter box but more about the outside of it.

That pink thing is the only toy in the room. I raided Spook's toy box and threw in some more later.

She loves the faux lamb throw, kneads it.

After I left she got up on the tree, but now she's under the recliner again. Oh wait. Checked again and she is out on the floor by the throw.

I streamed for a few minutes, but 10:30 is too late. Two chatters.

Delivered was 2 pairs of the 5 pairs of jeans cutoffs I ordered. Three different brands.

Plans for tomorrow:
Grocery shopping
Hang up the laundry (shirts)
More Heidi time

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